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Amar Latif's Mother's Chicken Curry
Amar Latif is joined by WhatWillyCook to cook his mothers Chicken Curry in the MOB studio to support the Leonard Cheshire charity.
WhatWillyCook joins us in the MOB studio to cook his legendary Crispy Chicken Fajita Linguine.
Crepes And Cones
Victoria, crepes and cones chef, cooks her Plantain Chicken and Waffles for the MOB.
Mr. Bao
Mr. Bao cooks up his killer bao, The Bao Diddley, for the MOB.
26 Grains
Alex Hely-Hutchinson from 26 Grains makes spinach and ricotta pasta for the MOB.
Casa Do Frango
Tatti, Head Chef of Casa Do Frango cooks a classic Portuguese side. Crispy chorizo, perfectly balanced by sweet plantain and parsley. Easy, cheap, delicious.