Mob's Top 10 Vegetarian Recipes

More and more of us are looking for delicious vegetarian dinner options, so we've compiled a list of some of our favourite veggie meals for you. You’re welcome.
Halloumi Peanut Curry
Halloumi works wonders in a curry. It is salty and meaty, and combined with creamy peanut butter and charred veg, it is out of this world.
Cauliflower Tikka Gyros
Cook: 40 mins
Chargrilled, spicy cauliflower works perfectly as the main item inside a warm gyros. Cooled by a lovely, minty tzatziki. Scrumptious.
Mushroom Gnocchi Bake
A delicious, warming bake. Taleggio and the mushrooms are the perfect partners for gnocchi.
Roast Garlic Linguine
Kind of like a Cacio e Pepe but with soft, squidgy, caramelised roast garlic. This dish is all in the technique. It is so creamy, you'll be making it on repeat.
Sweetcorn Lemongrass and Ginger Fritters
Cook: 50 mins
The ultimate sweetcorn fritters. The ginger and the lemon grass make for a perfect combo.
Grilled Mushroom and Cheese Tacos by Tommi Miers
Tommi Miers' tacos will rock your worlds. Caramelised mushrooms and crispy, grilled cheese... is doesn't really get more delicious.
Kidney Bean Curry
Cook: 30 mins
A tomatoey kidney bean curry, with fragrant gingery spices. Using pretty much all store cupboard ingredients. A delicious, cheap dish.
Cherry Tomato Risotto
Tomato risotto isn't that common, but this is one of the most delicious things we've ever eaten. Tomatoey & chicken stock-ey. Freshened with basil. A belter.
Mob's Butternut Mac & Cheese
Roasted butternut works unbelievably well in a mac and cheese. The crispy sage & rosemary leaves on top are also out of this world.