Top 10 One Tray Recipes

Traybakes have a special place in our hearts at MOB, there really is nothing more satisfying than pulling out a beautifully cooked dinner straight out the oven.
Cod Wrapped in Parma Ham with Asparagus
A banging surf n' turf combo - the salty Parma Ham works an absolute charm with the fish.
Roasted Panzanella Traybake
A new take on the classic Panzanella - it works so well as a bake. The croutons are crunchy and caramelised. The perfect contrast to the melted mozzarella.
Harissa and Apricot Stuffed Chicken
Cook: 2 hr
The best way to roast a chicken. Served with deliciously flavoured rice and a cooling yoghurt sauce. Once you’ve tried this method you won’t go back.
Chicken, Tomato & Mozzarella Traybake
Most traybakes are normally crunchy and crispy. We added some mozzarella for a delicious, stringy, cheesy hit. Fresh basil at the end is sublime.
Coconut Cauliflower Traybake Curry
All the flavours of a korma have been condensed into one beautiful tray. Getting a nice roast on the cauliflower is key here. Get on it MOB.
Sweet Potato & Bacon Traybake
Why have bacon & sweet potato never appeared in the same traybake together? Madness. Paired with charred onions and taleggio, it's a dish straight from heaven.
Chicken, Almond & Apricot Tagine
All those beautiful Moroccan flavours for under a tenner. The green olives cut through the rich tagine perfectly. The almonds bring the crunch.
Halloumi Bake
Cook: 35 mins
The quickest and tastiest dish about. You will love this one MOB.
Ratatouille with Cheddar Dumplings
Cook: 1 hr
A match made in heaven: cheddar dumplings on a bed of warming ratatouille. The dumplings are so easy to make from scratch. This is a special one MOB.
Pesto Veggie Traybake
Roasted veggies, the crunchiest ciabatta croutons, with a delicious, rich homemade pesto dolloped on top. It just works.