Mob's Ultimate Dessert Recipes

From salted caramel blondies to the best apple crumble you'll ever have, these are our very best dessert recipes and sweet treats.
MOB's Apple Crumble
Cook: 1 hr
We've spent a long time perfecting this dish. With a crisp, golden top and a fruity, sweet base. Your go-to crumble. Enjoy.
Salted Caramel Blondies
Liam's salted caramel blondies, a perfect combination of sweet and salty marbled with Dr. Oetker White Chocolate Chunks for an added richness.
Ice Cream In Five Minutes
Cook: 5 mins
The most beautiful fuss-free ice cream using juicy frozen fruit. It couldn't be easier. Recipe by MOB Contributor Thomas Colson.
Flourless Chocolate Cake
Cook: 1 hr
The flourless chocolate coffee cake has landed. It's all in the technique so follow the method to the letter. Topped with creamy icing and juicy berries.
Fudgy Chocolate Orange Traybake
Cook: 2 hr
Completely vegan, and also potentially the fudgiest chocolate cake you will ever eat. Coconut Collaborative Vanilla Custard is a must to cut the richness.
White Chocolate and Pretzel Cheesecake
This, MOB, is filthily good. The combination of the sweet, creamy white chocolate filling and salty pretzel base is going to blow your minds.
Crispy Cereal Squares
Cook: 10 mins
This is a nostalgic treat that you may not have made for years, but will want to again now. Crispy cereal set with chocolate or marshmallow. Choose your weapon.
Chocolate Tiffin Fridge Cake
Cook: 2 hr
Solid chocolatey fridge bites with sticky fruit and crumbled biscuits. One of the easiest and tastiest desserts you'll ever make. A certified crowd-pleaser.
Brown Butter Blondies
Cook: 2 hr
These blondies are squidgy, gooey and nutty in flavour. Add whatever mix-ins you like, be it white chocolate, nuts, raspberries or a combination of them all.
Risotto Rice Pudding
Cook: 30 mins
Using risotto rice to make rice pudding, it work's a charm. So creamy. Spiced with vanilla & cinnamon. With jam stirred through. Absolutely delicious.