Mob's Top Vegan Pasta Recipes

Ditch the cheese and get involved with some of our favourite plant-based pasta dishes.
Cavolo Nero Rigatoni
Cook: 15 mins
This simple recipe makes great use of my favourite winter vegetable, cavolo nero, which is a black kale from Tuscany that you can find just about everywhere.
Aglio E Olio
Cook: 30 mins
We have perfected the aglio e olio. Lemon is key. Creating an emulsion with the olive oil & the pasta water makes the most delicious pasta you'll ever eat.
Plant-Based Butternut Mac & Cheese
Cook: 1 hr
The ultimate plant-based mac and cheese. The crunchy rosemary and breadcrumb topping is everything.
Walnut Plant-Based Bolognese
The ultimate plant-based bolly. Rich and moreish. The crunch from the walnuts makes it.
Creamy Coconut Pesto Pasta
Cook: 25 mins
The twang of the sundried tomatoes works perfectly with the creamy, coconutty pesto. A lovely little vegan pasta number.
Cherry Tomato Gnocchi With Herby Pesto
The pesto is a game changer - as soon as it hits the hot gnocchi the herby oils intensify, working wonders with the rich tomato sauce.
Jordon’s Ribollita
This vegan dish is from Tuscany, where I learned to make it. A perfect winter warmer, using Napolina ingredients it’s easy, cheap and delicious.
Balsamic Glazed Plant-Based Meatballs
Vegan meatballs. So easy to make. The lemon zest works so nicely to lift the dish. Freshened with basil. You'll be making them again and again.
Vegan Butternut Squash Tagliatelle
Cook: 1 hr
Roasting and then blending your butternut squash creates a beautiful rich creamy sauce. Topped with crispy sage leaves this plate of food is something else.
Tomato, Caper and Pine Nut Spaghetti
Think of this sweet-and-sour pasta dish as puttanesca's vegan little sister. Packed with incredible savoury flavour in a matter of minutes. A total delight.
Pulled Mushroom Ragù
The richest, umami-est mushroom ragu you could dream of. Pulled oyster mushrooms replace meat here, and they do it well. Delightful.
6-Ingredient Tomato Gnocchi
Ben's back with a banger. Gnocchi coated in a rich tomato sauce. Dinner on the table in just 15 minutes, this one's a goodie.
Creamy Miso Mushroom Pasta
The creamiest pasta imaginable. Umami-packed miso, fried mushrooms and cashew cream fill the dairy void and make this a savoury delight. Enjoy MOB. Sophie x