Mob's Top Vegan Pasta Recipes

Ditch the cheese and get involved with some of our favourite plant-based pasta dishes.
Aglio E Olio
Cook: 30 mins
We have perfected the aglio e olio. Lemon is key. Creating an emulsion with the olive oil & the pasta water makes the most delicious pasta you'll ever eat.
Plant-Based Butternut Mac & Cheese
Cook: 1 hr
The ultimate plant-based mac and cheese. The crunchy rosemary and breadcrumb topping is everything. UPDATED**
Walnut Plant-Based Bolognese
The ultimate plant-based bolly. Rich and moreish. The crunch from the walnuts makes it.
Creamy Coconut Pesto Pasta
Cook: 25 mins
The twang of the sundried tomatoes works perfectly with the creamy, coconutty pesto. A lovely little vegan pasta number.
Cherry Tomato Gnocchi With Herby Pesto
The pesto is a game changer - as soon as it hits the hot gnocchi the herby oils intensify, working wonders with the rich tomato sauce.
Balsamic Glazed Plant-Based Meatballs
Vegan meatballs. So easy to make. The lemon zest works so nicely to lift the dish. Freshened with basil. You'll be making them again and again.