Mob's Top 10 Vegan Comfort Recipes

We've put together our Top 10 comfort vegan recipes that will make you feel good inside and out.
Aubergine Tikka Masala
Cook: 1 hr
Aubergine gets lovely and smokey on the griddle pan and so works an absolute charm in this dish. A great veggie version of the classic.
Mexican Style Plant-Based Burger
Changing the burger game one plant-based patty at a time. A toasted bun, fresh and zesty guac, caramelised onions, and peppers all in one magnificent mouthful.
Walnut Plant-Based Bolognese
The ultimate plant-based bolly. Rich and moreish. The crunch from the walnuts makes it.
Cherry Tomato Gnocchi With Herby Pesto
The pesto is a game changer - as soon as it hits the hot gnocchi the herby oils intensify, working wonders with the rich tomato sauce.
Vegan Chocolate Chilli
Cook: 50 mins
A lovely rich chilli. Plant-based. The chocolate brings the depth.
Cauliflower Tikka Gyros
Cook: 40 mins
Chargrilled, spicy cauliflower works perfectly as the main item inside a warm gyros. Cooled by a lovely, minty tzatziki. Scrumptious.
Plant-Based Roast Pumpkin Pasta
Basil and butternut squash work beautifully together. Topped with the crunchy pumpkin seeds. Go on.
Balsamic Glazed Plant-Based Meatballs
Vegan meatballs. So easy to make. The lemon zest works so nicely to lift the dish. Freshened with basil. You'll be making them again and again.
Peanut Butter 10 Minute Noodles
A really delicious, quick noodle dish. The salty crunch of the peanuts scattered on top is divine.
Teriyaki Tofu
Cook: 30 mins
The sweet pomegranate works so nicely with the teriyaki. The mint freshens it up perfectly. A great mouthful.
Sweet and Sour Lentil Meatballs
These juicy meatballs are made with Merchant Gourmet’s Puy Lentils and tossed in a classic, sticky sweet and sour sauce. Perfect served with steamed rice.
Xiengni's Vegan Laksa
All the flavours of a laksa without any of the meat, this is the ultimate vegan laksa. Every mouthful is a flavour bomb. Rich, warming and spicy, it's a goodie.
6-Ingredient Tomato Gnocchi
Ben's back with a banger. Gnocchi coated in a rich tomato sauce. Dinner on the table in just 15 minutes, this one's a goodie.