MOB's Top 10 Recipes To Get You Through Self-Isolation

Stuck on your own and feeling under the weather? These recipes are so spicy, salty, and packed with flavour that they'll bring life back to your tastebuds.
Bacony Packet Noodles
Taking your packet noodles to the next level by ditching the flavour sachet that comes with them and creating your own sauce. Bacon and chilli oil. Go on...
Singapore Noodles
Contrary to what its name suggests, this is actually a Cantonese classic. We’ve omitted prawns and pork to make a non-traditional vegan version of that dish.
Chickpea Puttanesca
A chickpea twist on a classic dish - the mighty puttanesca. Salty capers and anchovies, big juicy kalamata olives, rich tomato sauce. You won’t miss pasta.
Sprout and Chilli Peanut Noodles
The legend that is Meera Sodha came to MOB to make her incredible vegan noodles. Using shredded sprouts so none of your brussels go to waste.
Caramelised Onion, Anchovy and Olive Spaghetti
The sexiest spaghetti packed with all the savoury flavours of a pissaladière tart. Deeply caramelised onions, anchovies and olives. A simple, phenomenal dish.
Chilli Paneer
An iconic and must-have Indian takeaway. Soft paneer in a sweet and spicy sauce? It’s incredible and so easy to make.
Mob's Marmite Chicken
Cook: 25 mins
Marmite is a brilliant ingredient to use in a sauce. Savoury, umami heaven. The vinegar and spring onion cuts through the richness. A lovely little mouthful.
Chorizo and Halloumi Jambalaya
All the deep south flavours are packed into this one-pot beauty. We’ve put our spin on it by adding halloumi, and it's glorious. Perfect with fluffy Tilda rice.
Callaloo and Ackee Fried Rice
Inspired by the flavours of Jamaica - the ackee brings a nutty, creamy, texture & the lemongrass rice blends incredibly with the fresh ingredients.