Mob's Top 10 Potato Recipes

Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew, potatoes are a powerhouse vegetable that we absolutely love. Here are 10 of our favourite potato recipes.
Cheesy Bacony Potatoes
Herby, cheesy, bacony stuffed potatoes. The most important element of this dish is the tarragon - really brings the edge.
Bombay Roast Potatoes
These are packed full of flavour. Tender and crispy potatoes baked with a spicy coating. Switch up your Sunday roast with these bad boys.
Chorizo & New Potato Traybake
One of the great traybakes. Crispy potatoes, spicy chorizo, and caramelised courgettes. Drizzle over your tangy chimichurri sauce. A great little dinner.
Mob's Mustardy Potato Salad
A great lunch option. The pickled onions, the crispy bacon, the soft new potatoes, the crunchy celery. All coated in the mustardy sauce. Meal-prep sorted.
Hasselback Potatoes Three Ways
Once you go hasselback, you'll not go back. Turning potatoes from a side into a main. Slicing them up means caramelised and crispy. Top with anything you like.
Salt and Pepper Parmentier Potatoes
We have reinvented your classic takeaway salt and pepper fries. Tiny crispy nuggets of potato, loaded with onions and peppers take this to the next level.
Ultimate Roast Potatoes – Mob-style
The crispiest, most delicious roast potatoes you’ll ever eat. Follow the method to the letter. Roast garlic is key.
Spiced Pea and Potato Rolls
We were inspired by a filling you might traditionally find in a samosa to create this delicious vegetarian sausage roll.
Pestoey Roast Spud Salad
This is the perfect side to any dish. Squidgy roasted new potatoes with a creamy pestoey sauce, salty capers, fresh herbs and hazelnuts scattered on top.
Plant-Based Bangers and Mash
Cook: 40 mins
A vegan take on the classic. The onion gravy here is everything. Parsley is KEY.