Mob's Top 10 Pork Recipes

In the mood for a crisp and golden bit of pork belly or the bánh mì sandwich of your dreams? Pig out with 10 of our very best pork recipes.
Mob's Pork Tonkatsu
Cook: 40 mins
The ultimate fakeaway. Crunchy pork. Tangy sauce (so easy to make). Zingy slaw. Ticks all the boxes.
Pulled Pork Burger
The perfect, sticky pulled pork. Sharp pickles. All on a toasted brioche bun. Great dinner-party shout for the MOB.
Sriracha Pork Sandwich
A cheap, MOB take on this Vietnamese classic. Succulent pork. Zingy salad. Hot Sriracha mayo. All stuffed inside a soft French baguette.
The Freshest Pork Larb
Cook: 30 mins
Larb is a Thai classic, and this simple, easy take is sublime. The fresh mint and lime juice at the end lift it perfectly.
Pulled Pork Shoulder Ragu
This pork shoulder ragu recipe can be used with gnocchi or any type of pasta. Using the parmesan rind is key. It's out of this world.
Pork Chop Super Ramen
A really easy "do it at home" ramen. Star anise is key here, really brings the fragrance.
Slow Roast Pork Belly Gyros
Possibly best gyros you'll ever eat. The crunchy crackling. The Za'atar. It's sublime. Absolutely sublime.
Spicy Baked Meatballs
The secret ingredient to make our meatballs super soft? Mushrooms. Blitz them up and mix them with your pork mince for delicious umami flavour. Incredible.
Mushroom & Pork Larb Burrito
We adore larb at MOB Kitchen and thought it would would amazingly well in a burrito. We tested it. It does. Great meal-prep option also.
Spiced Pork Belly With Rice
Ginger + allspice come together to make the most delicious sticky pork. Fragrant and deeply savoury. Served on a bed of creamy coconut rice and beans.