Mob's Top 10 Pasta Recipes

Here's a list of our most popular pasta dishes, containing everything from the ultimate carbonara to the perfect aglio e olio.
Chorizo and Charred Spring Onion Rigatoni
Cook: 20 mins
Charring spring onions and almonds in smokey chorizo fat is only ever going to lead to big things. This is a very special pasta dish.
Mob's Ultimate Carbonara
Cook: 25 mins
MOB's take on a classic. Absolutely no cream anywhere near this dish. Pepper, smoked bacon, egg yolk, parmesan & pasta water. Stuff dreams are made of.
Roast Garlic Linguine
Kind of like a Cacio e Pepe but with soft, squidgy, caramelised roast garlic. This dish is all in the technique. It is so creamy, you'll be making it on repeat.
The Ultimate Lasagne
We have perfected the lasagne. The secret ingredient? Milk. It tenderises the meat, to leave you with the most tender ragù. Use a deep dish for lots of layers.
Casarecce con Salsiccia
Cook: 20 mins
Rich, tomatoey, sausage pasta topped with parmesan. Fennel seeds are key here. This dish was a favourite at Ben's Dad's Italian restaurant, Cibo. Give it a go.
Garlicky Cavolo Nero & Caper Spaghetti
Cook: 20 mins
Taking aglio e olio to the next level with deliciously charred cavolo nero, topped with salty capers and parmesan. It’s so simple and so good.
Chorizo Mac & Cheese
Cook: 30 mins
We've made a lot of Mac and Cheeses, but this one is really special. The spicy smokiness of the chorizo is beautiful.
Zero Waste Veggie Carbonara
A proper vegetarian carbonara made to help reduce food waste. The thyme and lemon zest bring the zestiest kick that works perfectly with the creamy pasta.
Aglio E Olio
Cook: 30 mins
We have perfected the aglio e olio. Lemon is key. Creating an emulsion with the olive oil & the pasta water makes the most delicious pasta you'll ever eat.
Pasta With Salsa Cruda
Cook: 30 mins
Part pasta, part salad and 100% quick, easy, light and delicious, this is the perfect thing for summer lunches and al fresco dining.