Mob's Top 10 Mexican-Inspired Recipes

From mouthwatering birria tacos to quick and easy chicken fajitas, here are our very best Mexican-inspired recipes. Buen provecho!
Mexican Style Eggs
Your new favourite brunch option. The chorizo-ey charred veggies. The rich black bean paste. The runny egg and the salty feta. Get it in ya.
Beef Barbacoa Taco
This smokey beef barbacoa is exceptionally good for tacos. Make sure you really char your tomatoes and onions to bring that depth of flavour.
Chicken and Chorizo Fajitas
The only fajita night option you need to go for. It turns out Chorizo was the thing fajitas have been missing. The spicy sausage brings the perfect kick.
Flautas De Pollo
Inspired by the beloved Mexican snack. Crispy tortillas, topped with salsa, sour cream, avocado and crumbled feta. Recipe by MOB Contributor Hannah Thorne.
Mushroom & Pork Larb Burrito
We adore larb at MOB Kitchen and thought it would would amazingly well in a burrito. We tested it. It does. Great meal-prep option also.
Broccoli Salsa Macha Rice
Sophie Godwin brings the MOB her ridiculously tasty broccoli dish. Topped with salsa macha - a nutty Mexican condiment that makes everything taste good. Unreal.
Birria Tacos
I’ve been seeing these for months all over TikTok and have been dying to try them, so I’ve put together a recipe so you can finally try it for yourself. Seema x
Mob's Chorizo Quesadillas
The cheesiest quesadillas around. Chorizo adds the nicest depth and the guac really lifts the flavours.
Loaded Veggie Quesadillas
The perfect dinner party dish. Cheesy. Veggie. Crunchy. The whole 9 yards. 
Mexican Style Plant-Based Burger
Changing the burger game one plant-based patty at a time. A toasted bun, fresh and zesty guac, caramelised onions, and peppers all in one magnificent mouthful.