Mob's Top 10 Lamb Recipes

Did someone say homemade doner kebabs? Don't be sheepish, MOB. Tuck into one of our wonderful lamb recipes for a dinner that you won't forget anytime soon.
Homemade Doner Kebabs
Sack off the local van – this babby recipe is the business. It's all about spicing the lamb mince, and this flavour combo is the one.
Homemade Lamb Burgers
Pomegranate seeds + spiced lamb patties = a match made in culinary heaven.
Chinese Lamb Skewers
Cook: 10 mins
This lamb skewer recipe is super simple but huge on flavour thanks to caramelisation on the grill and maximum spicing. Recipe by MOB Contributor Helen Graves.
Grilled Orange & Za'atar Lamb Chops
Charred chilli and za’atar chops with a zesty, minty yoghurt sauce. A flavour combo from heaven. The tastiest chop you’ll ever chomp on.
Lamb Ragù By Thomas Straker
A beautiful take on the Italian ragu. The whole dish made completely from scratch.
Keema Pau by Dishoom
Dishoom's Naveed Nasir cooks the classic Keema Pau, inspired by the Radio Cafe in Mumbai. Tender, spiced lamb mince, served with hot buttered rolls.
Misha's Meaty Meatballs
Cook: 50 mins
Created by Ben's best friend. Lamb mince works perfectly here. So simple. Delicious, rich meatballs on a bed of herby, steaming rice. Give it a pop.
Moorish Lamb Kebabs by Ainsley Harriott
The legend Ainsley Harriott joins us in the MOB studio making lamb kebabs from his new book ‘Ainsley’s Mediterranean Cookbook’. Yeah boiiiiiiii.
Mob's Ultimate CBD Doner Kebab
We have created the most delicious CBD-infused Doner Kebab sauce. The spice combo in the lamb mince is spot on.