Mob's Top 10 Halloumi Recipes

If we know our MOB, then we know that you are always in need of a banging halloumi recipe. Here are our top ten halloumi dishes to get you through the week.
Peri Peri Halloumi Burgers
The peri peri mayo and the halloumi come together here to form the perfect mouthful. A great veggie burger option.
Halloumi in Blankets
Cook: 40 mins
MOB’s Halloumi in Blankets have landed. Herby halloumi, flakey pastry, and the freshest tzatziki dip. They are sensational.
Halloumi Peanut Curry
Halloumi works wonders in a curry. It is salty and meaty, and combined with creamy peanut butter and charred veg, it is out of this world.
Halloumi Bake
Cook: 35 mins
The quickest and tastiest dish about. You will love this one MOB.
Halloumi Breakfast Sandwich
Cook: 30 mins
The silkiest eggs with chopped chives, golden halloumi & a smokey chipotle and sweet chilli mayo. All in a toasted brioche. An incredible mouthful.
Spiced Halloumi Fries
Cook: 30 mins
Aromatic spices and halloumi = the flavour combination of your dreams. Topped with the cooling herby yoghurt. Heavenly.
Halloumi Crouton Super Salad
Cook: 1 hr
The salad to end all salads. The halloumi croutons bring the heat - once you've tried them you'll be making them every week, guaranteed.
Mob's Halloumi Fajitas
Why have we never added halloumi to a fajita? It's out of this world. With smokey veg and crunchy tortilla chips crumbled on top. The veggie dream.
Crunchy Herby Halloumi Fries
These halloumi fries have the perfect crispy, herby, sweet honey coat. Paired with a zesty, minty yoghurt dip. The flavours are sublime. A certi crowd-pleaser.
The Ultimate Halloumi, Butternut Squash & Tahini Salad
Cook: 45 mins
This dish is all about the combo. The halloumi. The roasted Butternut. The creamy tahini dressing. The mint. It just goes on and on...