Mob's Top 10 Chorizo Recipes

Spicy, crispy and packed full of meaty flavour. This Spanish sausage has taken the MOB by storm. Here are our top 10 chorizo recipes of all time.
Harissa Chorizo Prawn Rice
Cook: 45 mins
Chorizo and prawn is a winning combination. Add some spicy harissa and tangy salty feta into the mix and trust us, you’ve got a belter of a dish.
Mob's Chorizo Rösti & Romesco Sauce
Cook: 1 hr
We combined two of our favourite things - chorizo and röstis. The romesco sauce is divine (tangy and savoury), topped with a perfectly poached egg.
Gnocchi Ragù
Chorizo takes this ragù to the next level. With piping hot gnocchi stirred through at the end - it is a phenomenal dish. A real show-stopper.
Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese
The thing cauliflower cheese is missing is chorizo, which imparts a delicious, smokey flavour to the cheesy white sauce. This will become a household staple.
Chorizo and Charred Spring Onion Rigatoni
Cook: 20 mins
Charring spring onions and almonds in smokey chorizo fat is only ever going to lead to big things. This is a very special pasta dish.
Chicken and Chorizo Fajitas
The only fajita night option you need to go for. It turns out Chorizo was the thing fajitas have been missing. The spicy sausage brings the perfect kick.
Mob's Chicken and Chorizo Pie
It turns out chicken, chorizo, peppers and cider make the perfect pie filling. Topped with perfectly golden, crispy pastry. A straight 10/10.
Homemade Mexican-Style Chorizo
You can keep a tin of this beautiful chorizo mince in the fridge and it works perfectly in MOB’s chorizo carbonara.
Prawn and Chorizo Orzo
Surf and Turf with orzo is a match made in heaven. The freshest, basilly, garlicky tomato sauce. Spicy chorizo. Soft prawns. A worldy of a dish.
Mexican Style Eggs
Your new favourite brunch option. The chorizo-ey charred veggies. The rich black bean paste. The runny egg and the salty feta. Get it in ya.