Mob's Tastiest Brunch Recipes

It’s the most important meal of the day, and also the tastiest. Here are the best MOB brunch recipes for you.
Garlic Tomato and Basil Baked Eggs
Cook: 20 mins
Dunk the crunchy garlic croutons into your runny British lion eggs, and the perfectly sweet, fresh tomato sauce. It will become a household regular.
Sausage & Egg McMuffin
Cook: 20 mins
Recreate your favourite hangover meal. Double patty sausage, melted American cheese and a good old English muffin. Recipe by MOB Contributor Thomas Colson.
Masala Frittata and Kachumber Salad
Cook: 30 mins
This fresh and spicy frittata using British lion eggs is going to be your new favourite brunch dish.
Cardamom Granola by 26 Grains
Cook: 1 hr
Alex is the master of breakfast, and this is her ultimate granola. Spiced. Crunchy. It is the ultimate little breakfast dish. Great for meal-prep.
Ultimate Fry Up by The Fry Up Police
Cook: 1 hr
The definitive ultimate fry-up, by the legend that is Tom Shiers (of The Fry Up Police). Reckon you can do better?
Halloumi Breakfast Sandwich
Cook: 30 mins
The silkiest eggs with chopped chives, golden halloumi & a smokey chipotle and sweet chilli mayo. All in a toasted brioche. An incredible mouthful.
Mob's Chorizo Rösti & Romesco Sauce
Cook: 1 hr
We combined two of our favourite things - chorizo and röstis. The romesco sauce is divine (tangy and savoury), topped with a perfectly poached egg.
Spiced Coconut Kedgeree
Cook: 30 mins
This quick kedgeree dish using ready-cooked Tilda Coconut Rice is a delight. Cooked up with smoky fish spiced with fresh kaffir lime leaves and cumin seeds.
Sweetcorn Lemongrass and Ginger Fritters
Cook: 50 mins
The ultimate sweetcorn fritters. The ginger and the lemon grass make for a perfect combo.
Mexican Style Eggs
Your new favourite brunch option. The chorizo-ey charred veggies. The rich black bean paste. The runny egg and the salty feta. Get it in ya.