Mob's Terrific Taco Recipes

It doesn't matter whether it's taco Tuesday or taco Sunday, all of these taco recipes are easy to make and super satisfying to eat.
Birria Tacos
I’ve been seeing these for months all over TikTok and have been dying to try them, so I’ve put together a recipe so you can finally try it for yourself. Seema x
Baked Bean Tacos
Baked bean tacos with creamy sharp crumbled feta and tangy pickled onions. This is one tasty dish.
Salmon Ceviche Tacos
Jonny Marsh (a private chef for pro footballers) brings us the freshest salmon ceviche taco recipe. Using the most beautiful and fresh Alaska salmon. Insane.
Crispy Cauliflower Tacos
Crispy fried cauliflower, tangy lime-y cabbage and lots of smoky chipotle mayo. So simple and delicious.
Baja Fish Tacos by Breddos Tacos
Nud is the founder of Breddos (arguably the best tacos in London). These are his fish tacos. The way he preps the fish should be followed to the letter. Enjoy.
Beef Barbacoa Taco
This smokey beef barbacoa is exceptionally good for tacos. Make sure you really char your tomatoes and onions to bring that depth of flavour.
Grilled Fish Tacos with Salsa
You can use whatever fish you like for these tacos. Just make sure it is nice and flaky. The grilled pepper salsa is an absolute freshy.
Beer Braised Pork Belly Tacos
The zingy salsa cuts through the rich pork like a dream. You've gotta try this one MOB.
Grilled Mushroom and Cheese Tacos by Tommi Miers
Tommi Miers' tacos will rock your worlds. Caramelised mushrooms and crispy, grilled cheese... is doesn't really get more delicious.
Steak Tacos with Burnt Tomato Salsa
Cook: 45 mins
Ugo Monye teaches us how to make the perfect burnt tomato salsa with Bull’s-Eye Kentucky Habanero Hot Sauce.
Flautas De Pollo
Inspired by the beloved Mexican snack. Crispy tortillas, topped with salsa, sour cream, avocado and crumbled feta. Recipe by MOB Contributor Hannah Thorne.
Jackfruit Chipotle Tostadas
Jackfruit is a wonderful meat substitute. It absorbs the roasted tomato and chipotle sauce beautifully and has an incredible meaty bite.
Sweet Potato and Tamarind Tacos
Sweet, sticky and sour-sweet potatoes packed into corn tortillas and drizzled with a peanut butter dressing. The ultimate weeknight meal.