Mob's Tastiest Tofu Recipes

These aren't your mama's tofu recipes, MOB. From crunchy salt and pepper tofu to rich and creamy tofu curry, these are the tastiest tofu dishes on the internet.
Crunchy Tofu Katsu
Tofu is a great swap here to keep this dish vegan. The katsu sauce is sublime.
Salt and Pepper Tofu
Cook: 20 mins
Salt and pepper tofu is an absolute classic, and we have developed the perfect do-it-at-home method for you all. The sweet, salty and spicy coating. Sublime.
Noodle Bowl with Crispy Tofu and Charred Pak Choi
Doctor Rupy Aujla shows MOB how to make his crispy tofu noodle bowl, slathered with his special sweet-spicy sauce. A comforting bowl sure to cure any cold.
Crispy Chilli Tofu
Cook: 45 mins
Your takeaway favourite just went vegan. Crispy, craggly tofu in a hot and sticky sauce is out of this world.
Sweet n Sour Tofu
The takeaway classic cooked from the comfort of your own home. Perfectly sweet and sour. The sticky sauce takes your tofu to a whole new level.
Teriyaki Tofu
Cook: 30 mins
The sweet pomegranate works so nicely with the teriyaki. The mint freshens it up perfectly. A great mouthful.
Crispy Smoked Tofu
Cook: 30 mins
The peanutty sauce in this is a straight 10/10. Poured all over that lovely crispy smoked tofu. It's too good.
Black Pepper Tofu
The butter & the pepper is a combo made in heaven. Warms you all the way down to your toes
Tofu & Sweet Potato Curry
A lovely, rich curry. One for the vegan MOB. The fresh coriander at the end really lifts the dish.
Crispy Sesame Tofu with Sticky Sauce
Crispy tofu in a gingery, sticky sauce. One of the all time great tofu dishes for the MOB.
Tofu Milanese Ciabatta
A vegan twist on an exceedingly delicious Italian sandwich. Crispy tofu. Smoky peppers. Peppery rocket. Pesto spiked mayo. A total delight to eat.
Sesame Tofu Toast
My favourite takeaway side reinvented for vegans. Tofu is whizzed up with lots of lovely things, spread on bread and fried. Crispy, fragrant, just delightful.
Tofu Lok Lak
This Cambodian speciality is gorgeously peppery and a bit sweet, it’s dipped in a tangy lime dressing for a burst of flavour. You need to try this one MOB.
Chipotle Tofu Rice Bowl
We have slathered the best sticky, smoky sauce on crispy tofu. Charred corn and spiced salsa. Fluffy rice is essential to mop up all those glorious juices.
Tofu and Mushroom Dumplings
Dumplings can be a labour of love but, once you've got a knack for folding, they're fast to make (and eat). These are stuffed with fragrant tofu and mushroom
Tamarind and Mango Braised Tofu
Spicy and sweet tamarind and mango combined with soft silken tofu. It's a marriage you didn't know you needed.
Charred Tofu and Shiitake Pho
Cook: 25 mins
A really quick pho - the star anise is key here. Charred tofu brings the most delicious depth of flavour to this speedy dish.
Mapo Tofu
Cook: 45 mins
Spicy, numbing and aromatic, this Sichuan classic will soon become one of your weeknight favourites. Served best with a bowl of Tilda Long Grain Rice.