Mob's Spiciest Harissa Recipes

Harissa is a hot chilli pepper paste and one of our favourite ingredients. We've thrown it in everything from shepherd's pie to pancakes. Enjoy these dishes.
Harissa Chicken
Cook: 30 mins
Harissa Chicken. So simple, yet so good. One of those combinations that you'll be using again and again.
Harissa Tahini Cauliflower
Creamy tahini and spicy harissa over roasted cauliflower. On a rich and aromatic chickpea stew? Doesn't get much better.
Harissa and Cumin Potatoes with Crispy Chickpeas and Yoghurt
These potatoes are cooked in a spicy tomato sauce for a super warming bowl of goodness, finished with fresh yoghurt and crunchy chickpeas.
Harissa Aubergine Pilaf
Tender aubergine embedded in fragrant and spicy harissa-spiked Tilda Basmati and Wild Rice. Top with cooling lemony yoghurt, crispy onions and toasted almonds.
Halloumi and Harissa Pancakes
Cook: 30 mins
The only way to make your pancakes this Shrove Tuesday. Two worlds collide. Melted halloumi and a crispy egg. Harissa brings the heat. It's ridiculously good.
Harissa Bulgur Wheat Traybake
Food cooked in one tray has never tasted this good. Fluffy bulgur wheat. Juicy tomatoes. Warming spices. A kick of rose harissa. A beautiful lunch.
Harissa-Spiced Shepherd’s Pie
Your classic shepherd’s pie has had a delicious makeover. Spiked with spicy harissa and topped with sweet potato mash, it's a dish you're going to bloody love.
Harissa Chorizo Prawn Rice
Cook: 45 mins
Chorizo and prawn is a winning combination. Add some spicy harissa and tangy salty feta into the mix and trust us, you’ve got a belter of a dish.
Harissa Chickpea Kofte Bowl
Dr Rupy joins us to make the very best veggie koftes. Gently spiced and served with harissa tahini, this dish is brought to life by Arla Skyr Creamy 5% Yogurt.
Creamy Rose Harissa Spaghetti
Why more people are not coating their spaghetti in spicy harissa paste, tonnes of herbs and creamy mascarpone we do not know. So flavoursome. So saucy.
Harissa and Apricot Stuffed Chicken
Cook: 2 hr
The best way to roast a chicken. Served with deliciously flavoured rice and a cooling yoghurt sauce. Once you’ve tried this method you won’t go back.
Sweet Potato, Coconut and Harissa Soup
This soup is similar to one I used to eat in the Seychelles. Gently spiced, warming and super fragrant. Jordon x
Harissa Lentils with Charred Peppers and Olive Salsa
An unbelievably simple plant-based meal with heaps of flavour. Merchant Gourmet Puy Lentils, charred peppers and the most addictive olive and hazelnut salsa.
Honey Harissa Camembert
Cook: 35 mins
The baked camembert of your dreams. Oozy cheese stuffed with sticky honey and spicy harissa paste? Yeah, go on then.
Harissa Lamb Sausage Rolls
A great alternative to your classic sausage roll. Spicy, herby, cheesy goodness, all encased in a crisp pastry shell.
Harissa and Tomato Gnocchi
Making gnocchi from scratch isn't as hard as you might think. The sauce we toss these in is a garlicky tomato sauce enriched with harissa paste and silken tofu.
Honey Harissa Carrots With Whipped Feta
Delicious, spicy sweet carrots on a bed of creamy whipped feta, perfect with some warm flatbreads.