Mob's Sizzling Sausage Recipes

If you want to transform a plain pack of sausages into a cracking midweek meal, you're in the right place. All these recipes are bangers, MOB. Literally.
Sausage Ratatouille Traybake
Ratatouille + sausages. A match made in heaven. This is a ridiculously simple dish with minimal washing up.
Sausage & Fennel Risotto
Cook: 50 mins
This recipe is all about the combination. Sausage, fennel seed, chilli flakes & parmesan. Freshened with basil at the end. It's a worldy.
Sausage & Kale Pasta
The kale and sausage work wonderfully together in this rich, cheesy sauce. The Taleggio works wonders. Freshened with parsley and lemon. A warming dish.
Spicy Sausage Penne Bake
This spicy pasta bake is a crowd pleaser. A fiery, tomato-ey sausage sauce is a perfect match for Napolina Wholewheat Penne.
Sausage Mushroom Orzo
We know you're mad about orzo, sausages, and mushrooms, so that's why we've created a dish that has all three. An easy dinner that's seriously satisfying.
Spicy Sausage Bean Bake
Cook: 30 mins
All the best ingredients unite in one dish - baked beans, sausage, chorizo, and crunchy ciabatta croutons. What more could you want? Treat yourself MOB.
Sausage, Kale & Taleggio Gnocchi Bake
Cook: 30 mins
Inspired by our favourite pizza from Franco Manca. Taleggio is the best melting cheese. The sausage combo is a dream.
Full English Baked Eggs
Two worlds collide. Bringing the classic Full English to this Middle Eastern dish. The tomatoey sauce is brought to a new level with the sausage and bacon.
Casarecce con Salsiccia
Cook: 20 mins
Rich, tomatoey, sausage pasta topped with parmesan. Fennel seeds are key here. This dish was a favourite at Ben's Dad's Italian restaurant, Cibo. Give it a go.
Creamy Sausage and Squash Gnocchi
Cook: 1 hr
Roast squash and caramelised sausage coming together to form one of the all time great gnocchi dishes. A hug in a bowl. Your MOB are going to love it.
Sausage and Pea Pasta
A ridiculously affordable simple pasta packed with peas, runner beans and crispy sausage bits. Perfect for a 20-minute meal.
Fennel and Sausage Pappardelle
This pasta is incredibly simple and bursting with crispy sausages and juicy tomatoes. Henry from Peckham Cellars shows us how it’s done right.
Sausage and Chorizo Ragù
Smoky chorizo and crispy sausage all cooked down in a rich tomato stew with chunky rigatoni. Why didn’t we think of this before?
Braised Lentils with Fennel, Sausage and Salsa Verde
This is one of my favourite things to eat when the weather turns cold. Saucy braised lentils with a couple of juicy sausages and a zingy salsa verde. Jordon x
Crispy Sausage, Brie and Cranberry Parcels
Cook: 30 mins
Wonderfully crispy, gooey and festive. These parcels are going to be a big hit at your next Christmas party.
Creamy Sausage, Bacon and Brussels Sprout Tagliatelle
This gorgeous pasta uses up all your leftover Christmas dinner bits. We're talking sausage, bacon, sprouts, and even the cream from your Christmas pudding.
Sausage Gochujang Rigatoni
This spicy sausage pasta is a new favourite of ours, and we’re confident that it’ll become one of yours, too. On the table in 20 mins, it’s a weeknight hero.