Mob's Sexiest Sandwich Recipes

It's amazing what you can do with two slices of bread and a bit of culinary chutzpah. Here are our biggest and brightest sandwiches, MOB. Get your hands on 'em.
Halloumi Breakfast Sandwich
Cook: 30 mins
The silkiest eggs with chopped chives, golden halloumi & a smokey chipotle and sweet chilli mayo. All in a toasted brioche. An incredible mouthful.
Chicken Caesar Sandwich
Crispy smokey bacon and delicious, golden, tender rosemary-ey chicken thighs. The freshest Dijon + L&Ps + mayo + Parmesan + cornichon sauce. A straight 10/10.
Pressed Picnic Sandwich
The ultimate picnic sandwich. Leaving it overnight presses all the layers together. Aubergine. Pesto. Parma Ham. Salami. Mozzarella. An incredible mouthful.
Shrimp Po' Boy
Cajun-spiced fried prawns, a pickle-laced mayonnaise and fresh salad are piled into sub rolls to make the po’ boy: one of the world’s greatest sandwiches.
Chimichurri Steak & Manchego Super Sub
Cook: 35 mins
A winner for either lunch or dinner. The manchego, chimichurri & steak combo works a charm.
Mob's Ultimate Bacon Sarnie
Cook: 20 mins
Our ultimate bacon sarnie has finally arrived, taking this classic to its highest heights. Crispy bacon, buttery fried bread & a sauce combo from heaven.
Sriracha Pork Sandwich
A cheap, MOB take on this Vietnamese classic. Succulent pork. Zingy salad. Hot Sriracha mayo. All stuffed inside a soft French baguette.
Mob's Mighty Meatball Marinara Sub
Sack off subway, this meatball marinara is the real deal. Fennel seeds in for the win.
Mushroom & Cheddar Super Toastie
Cook: 20 mins
The crunchy, buttery outside. The oozy, rich cheesy mushroom filling. One of the all time great toasties.
Tofu Milanese Ciabatta
A vegan twist on an exceedingly delicious Italian sandwich. Crispy tofu. Smoky peppers. Peppery rocket. Pesto spiked mayo. A total delight to eat.
Wasabi Crayfish Brioche Bap
The freshest crayfish burger with crunchy slaw, zesty lime and creamy wasabi mayo. It's incredible and perfect for the summer heat.
Spicy Prawn Mayo Sandwich
WhatWillyCook shows us how to make a beautiful rendition of a prawn and mayo sandwich using Pret’s new Korean Style Ketchup.
Spicy Apple Rib Sandwiches
Elliot Cunningham of Lagom makes a phenomenal sandwich using Bull’s-Eye Carolina Reaper Extra Hot Sauce. Soft, sticky pork. Spicy apple sauce. It’s a winner.
Crispy Pork Belly Sandwich
We've stuffed juicy pork belly with crispy crackling into a baguette with pickled carrots, fresh veggies, zingy lime mayo, and an addictive lemongrass dressing.
Tandoori Fried Chicken Sandwich
James Cochran from 12:51 stuns us with his belter of a sandwich. Expect crispy fried chicken, curry mayo, tangy pickles, and heaps of crunchy Bombay mix.
Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich by The Fry Up Police
Cook: 25 mins
Founder of The Fry Up Police, Thomas Shiers, presents his Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich. All your favourite fry-up ingredients in a bap with a secret mayo sauce.
Butternut Squash Sandwich
These sandwiches are the perfect mix of crispy, tangy and buttery. Filled with a creamy mayo made with Pret Chipotle Ketchup and pickled avocado, a dream.