Mob's Sexiest Date Night Recipes

Want to cook something to woo a significant other? We've got your back. These are the sexiest dishes we've made and are guaranteed to impress.
Braised Lentils with Fennel, Sausage and Salsa Verde
This is one of my favourite things to eat when the weather turns cold. Saucy braised lentils with a couple of juicy sausages and a zingy salsa verde. Jordon x
Hasselback Butternut Squash
Cook: 55 mins
Hasselbacking BNS is the way forward. The tops get all squidgy and charred, while the inside is perfectly cooked. Served with the freshest chimichurri dressing.
Spaghetti Vongole
Clams, Parsley, Tomatoes. It’s an absolute classic. The perfect date night meal.
Cacio e Pepe Gnocchi
Robert Chambers from the exquisite restaurant Luca shows us the perfect way to make gnocchi with a luscious cacio e pepe sauce.
Creamy 'Nduja Linguine (Without Cream)
Simple, quick and delicious. A spicy take on a carbonara, you're going to love it.
Salmon En Croûte
A great Valentines day dish. Go to your fish monger & get some nice salmon to make this really special.
Date Night Tagliata
Strips of medium rare steak. A sticky, lemony balsamic glaze. Crispy rosemary cube fries. What more could you want? Perfect date-night option.
Creamy Miso Tahini Udon
A creamy carbonara style-udon in a parmesan, miso, and tahini sauce topped with crispy charred spring onions and mushrooms.
Garlicky Pot Roast Chicken
This chicken will change your roast dinners forever. Garlic and chicken stock make the most moreish gravy imaginable. A classic.
Mob's Chicken Kiev
We spent a long time perfecting our Kiev. And this is it. With a herby tarragon butter. On a bed of bacony mash. It's out of this world.
Lemony Spaghetti
Cook: 15 mins
This lemony pasta is super quick, rich and zingy. The carbonara-style execution means the sauce needs no cooking and it's done in 15 mins. Jordon x