Mob's Best Seasonal Recipes for June

What's in season in June? Plenty of filling veg like aubergine and courgette as well as a bounty of fresh fruit and berries. You'll eat well this month, MOB.
Roasted Aubergine, Tomato and Mozzarella Salad
All the best bits of an aubergine parm in a fresh vibrant salad. Crunchy ciabatta croutons and jammy tomatoes, perfect for the summer.
Courgette Chips
Cook: 45 mins
Ben's Dad ran an Italian in Oxford called Cibo. They did the best courgette chips - Perfectly crispy batter, with lovely soft courgette within. Here you go.
Aubergine and Ricotta Pasta⁠
Cook: 1 hr
Charred aubergine, garlicky, basilly tomato and light, creamy ricotta. All coming together to make one of the all time great summer pastas.
Coconut, Spinach & Tomato Dahl
Once you master dahl, it will become a regular. This one is creamy and coconutty, topped with a runny egg and chilli oil. Mandatory fresh coriander to finish.
'Nduja Courgettes
Very proud of this one. 'Nduja with charred, grilled courgettes. Keep the courgettes nice and chunky so they keep their bite. A beautiful side dish.
Mob's Tahini Stuffed Smoky Aubergine
Cook: 1 hr
This soft aubergine is topped with a garlicky creamy tahini dressing, crunchy chickpeas, and fresh pomegranate seeds. It's healthy and ridiculously good.
Creamy Courgette Pasta
Cook: 30 mins
Frying courgette with white wine is one of the great pairings. This pasta dish is a knockout.
Raspberry, Chocolate and Macadamia Flapjacks
Chewy, chocolatey and full of fresh raspberries. Liam Charles shows the MOB how to make these incredible flapjacks.
Sesame Courgette Ribbon & Chicken Salad
Fresher than fresh Asian courgette ribbon and chicken salad. Leaves the seeds in the chillies to keep it spicy.
Halloumi Peanut Curry
Halloumi works wonders in a curry. It is salty and meaty, and combined with creamy peanut butter and charred veg, it is out of this world.