Mob's Best Seasonal Recipes for July

What's in season in July? Beetroot, broad beans, berries and a load of other ingredients that don't begin with 'B'. Eat with the seasons this month, MOB.
Chorizo, Spinach & Gnocchi Bake
Crispy smokey chorizo. Perfectly cooked gnocchi. Oozy Mozzarella. It doesn't really get more comforting.
Aubergine Tikka Masala
Cook: 1 hr
Aubergine gets lovely and smokey on the griddle pan and so works an absolute charm in this dish. A great veggie version of the classic.
Roasted Aubergine, Tomato and Mozzarella Salad
All the best bits of an aubergine parm in a fresh vibrant salad. Crunchy ciabatta croutons and jammy tomatoes, perfect for the summer.
Blueberry Pancakes
Cook: 30 mins
Your classic blueberry pancakes. This thick batter is quick to throw together and yields incredibly fluffy pancakes. Drizzle with syrup and you're golden.
Mushy Pea Linguine
6 ingredients. 12 minutes. Crispy bacon. Creamy ricotta. Sweet peas. It's a game changer.
Raspberry, Chocolate and Macadamia Flapjacks
Chewy, chocolatey and full of fresh raspberries. Liam Charles shows the MOB how to make these incredible flapjacks.
Coconut Chilli Aubergines
An absolute monster of a vegan dish. Make sure you add a bit more yoghurt over the top for that extra fresh hit.
Raspberry, Almond Butter and Chia Seed Porridge
Cook: 10 mins
Soak your oats overnight with your chia seeds for the smoothest porridge imaginable. Topped with almond butter, berries and maple syrup for a nutty, sweet kick.
Burnt Aubergine with Red Pepper Salsa
Cook: 40 mins
Completely vegan with deliciously sharp flavours. It's an incredible one, MOB.