Mob's Quick Vegan Recipes

Want to get a plant-based meal on the table in a flash? We've got you sorted with these quick and easy vegan recipes you can make in 30 minutes or less.
Homemade Baked Beans On Toast
Cook: 25 mins
The baked beans of your dreams: rich, tomatoey, endlessly customisable and deeply comforting. Better than any brand in a can.
Brussels Sprout Pad Thai
Cook: 30 mins
A naughty little alternative to your traditional Pad Thai with charred Brussels and caramelised smoked tofu. Ohhhhhh the textures.
Vegan Coconut Stir Fry
Steamy, coconutty rice with delicious charred veggies. Freshened with lime juice. A lovely little dish.
Big Boy Bhaji Burger
These bhaji burgers are the one. The fresh homemade coconut raita is delicious!
Salt and Pepper Tofu
Cook: 20 mins
Salt and pepper tofu is an absolute classic, and we have developed the perfect do-it-at-home method for you all. The sweet, salty and spicy coating. Sublime.
Three Quid Spaghetti
A take on the Italian classic, aglio olio. Doesn't really get much better than chilli, parsley and garlic. And it only costs £3. Easy.
Creamy Coconut Pesto Pasta
Cook: 25 mins
The twang of the sundried tomatoes works perfectly with the creamy, coconutty pesto. A lovely little vegan pasta number.
Charred Tofu and Shiitake Pho
Cook: 25 mins
A really quick pho - the star anise is key here. Charred tofu brings the most delicious depth of flavour to this speedy dish.
Seema's Dhal
Cook: 30 mins
This is my all-time favourite comfort food, especially when I’m missing home. My mum helped me (well I helped her) with this recipe, we hope you love it! Seema
Crispy Smoked Tofu
Cook: 30 mins
The peanutty sauce in this is a straight 10/10. Poured all over that lovely crispy smoked tofu. It's too good.
Artichoke Fatteh
Cook: 30 mins
Fatteh comes in all shapes and sizes but this one is a wintery vibe with crispy artichokes, creamy chickpeas and a little fresh mint and chilli to finish.
Cavolo Nero Rigatoni
Cook: 15 mins
This simple recipe makes great use of my favourite winter vegetable, cavolo nero, which is a black kale from Tuscany that you can find just about everywhere.
6-Ingredient Tomato Gnocchi
Ben's back with a banger. Gnocchi coated in a rich tomato sauce. Dinner on the table in just 15 minutes, this one's a goodie.
Creamy Miso Mushroom Pasta
The creamiest pasta imaginable. Umami-packed miso, fried mushrooms and cashew cream fill the dairy void and make this a savoury delight. Enjoy MOB. Sophie x