Mob's Most Popular Prawn Recipes

From our popular Prawn and Chorizo Orzo to a banging homemade version of Sesame Prawn Toast, these are our favourite prawn recipes. Shrimply the best, MOB.
Sesame Prawn Toastie
The classic Chinese takeaway dish made in your toastie maker. Crunchy, fried sesame toast with ginger and garlic infused prawns inside - delicious.
Prawn and Chorizo Orzo
Surf and Turf with orzo is a match made in heaven. The freshest, basilly, garlicky tomato sauce. Spicy chorizo. Soft prawns. A worldy of a dish.
Cajun Prawn Hush Puppies
Our version of the classic Deep South side dish... we flavour our cornmeal batter with cajun spices, prawns and a good dollop of French’s mustard.
Harissa Chorizo Prawn Rice
Cook: 45 mins
Chorizo and prawn is a winning combination. Add some spicy harissa and tangy salty feta into the mix and trust us, you’ve got a belter of a dish.
Sweet and Sour Prawns
Cook: 30 mins
We’ve cracked the code to making the best Chinese takeaway-style sweet and sour sauce. Perfect served over egg fried rice.
Quinoa, Prawn & Avocado Super Salad
A fresher than fresh salad. Ideal for lunches and meal prep. The dream team flavour combo.
Fragrant Prawn and Herb Omelette
A soft egg omelette inspired by Vietnamese cafes stuffed with prawns, spring onions and a tonne of herbs. An incredibly light, fresh and moreish dish.
Shrimp Po' Boy
Cajun-spiced fried prawns, a pickle-laced mayonnaise and fresh salad are piled into sub rolls to make the po’ boy: one of the world’s greatest sandwiches.
Prawn Malai Curry
Rinku Dutt from Raastawala show us how to make her fragrant and delicate prawn malai curry. It's a winner.
Spicy Prawn Mayo Sandwich
WhatWillyCook shows us how to make a beautiful rendition of a prawn and mayo sandwich using Pret’s new Korean Style Ketchup.