Mob's Mightiest Meatball Recipes

Do your best 'Lady and The Tramp' impression by plating up one of our delicious meatball dishes for dinner. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
Swedish Spaghetti Meatballs
A wholesome, simple, warming dish. Big hearty meatballs with a rich meaty sauce. Go on...
Spicy Baked Meatballs
The secret ingredient to make our meatballs super soft? Mushrooms. Blitz them up and mix them with your pork mince for delicious umami flavour. Incredible.
Sticky Pork Noodle Bowls
An Asian twist on the classic. Tangy, fragrant meatballs on a bed of soft rice noodles. A real winner at a dinner party.
Misha's Meaty Meatballs
Cook: 50 mins
Created by Ben's best friend. Lamb mince works perfectly here. So simple. Delicious, rich meatballs on a bed of herby, steaming rice. Give it a pop.
Balsamic Glazed Plant-Based Meatballs
Vegan meatballs. So easy to make. The lemon zest works so nicely to lift the dish. Freshened with basil. You'll be making them again and again.
Mob's Mighty Meatball Marinara Sub
Sack off subway, this meatball marinara is the real deal. Fennel seeds in for the win.
Meatball Gnocchi Bake
Nothing subtle about this dish. Just a massive bowl of delicious warming gnocchi with meatballs in it. Superb fuel for a winter's night. Get on it.
Balsamic-Glazed Meatballs
Cook: 45 mins
These pork meatballs are a homage to my dad's old Italian restaurant, Cibo. They're easy to make, and the glaze brings the perfect sweetness to the dish. Ben x
Dom's Subs Meatball Grinder
Greg Boyce from Dom's Subs shows us how to make this twist on a meatball sub. This sanger is super juicy and perfect to take on a summery picnic.
Meatball Sub Croissant
WhatWillyCook has knocked it out of the park with this crisp and buttery meatball sub croissant. Made perfectly with Pret bake-at-home croissants.
Meatball Patty Smashburgers
These sandwiches are beautifully simple, but pack a lot of flavour with the use of beautiful value Ocado ingredients. The smashed basil mayo is glorious touch.
Sweet and Sour Lentil Meatballs
These juicy meatballs are made with Merchant Gourmet’s Puy Lentils and tossed in a classic, sticky sweet and sour sauce. Perfect served with steamed rice.