Mob's Lushest Leftover Recipes

Not sure what to do with all your leftovers? Don't sweat it, MOB. These simple recipes can give last night's leftovers a new lease of life.
Leftover Turkey Risotto
Porcini mushrooms bringing the depth in this creamy risotto. The perfect way to use up those Christmas leftovers.
Leftover Christmas Toastie
Pile your festive leftovers into some slices of fresh sourdough. It's oozing with festive flavours and will be sure to cure your Christmas hangover.
Leftover Roast Veggie Focaccia
Give your roasted veg the upgrade they deserve. Whacked in between toasted focaccia with a layer of sticky chilli jam and cool basil pesto. Delicious.
Leftover Pumpkin Stuffed Shells
Cook: 1 hr
Leftover pumpkin is put to use in these stuffed pasta shells. Topped with the crisp seeds to minimise waste and maximise texture, this dish is a worldie.
Leftover Turkey Pillow Pie
Turkey, leek and tarragon. Name a more iconic trio. Such a good way to use up the leftovers and so, so cheap. Get on it MOB and impress the family.
Leftover Turkey and Halloumi Gyros
Cook: 45 mins
Simply adding garlic, chilli and oregano to your leftover turkey transforms it. Make sure you fry it on a high heat for that charring.
Leftover Turkey Baguette
Too much Christmas turkey? Here's the freshest way to make use of your leftovers and spice them up with a crunchy slaw and delicious sriracha mayo.
Mob's Easy Arancini (using leftover Risotto)
Cook: 30 mins
These naughty arancini balls are the best way to use leftover Risotto. End of. The steaming rice. The crunchy shell. The garlicky, basilly tomato sauce. Yum.
Leftover Ham and Brie Folded Flatbreads
The naughtiest Christmas sarnie about. The sweet cranberry sauce, the oozing brie, and thick ham. It's all in the combo. So simple. So good.
Leftover Boxing Day Green Eggs and Ham
Cook: 45 mins
Forget about your usual festive sandwiches with our no-fuss traybake. Pile in all your favourite leftovers with some bright greens and call it a day.
Leftover Dal Fritters
Cook: 20 mins
Crispy fragrant fritters that will clear out all of your leftovers in one meal. Ours are topped with perfectly poached British Lion eggs for a delicious brunch
Leftover Vegetable Flammkuchen
Pile up your leftover veggies onto this simple, crispy German flatbread topped with delicious Ocado smoked streaky bacon. A perfect weekday meal.
Leftover Naan Croque Madame
The ultimate breakfast hack to use up leftover naan from your takeaway. Topped with a perfectly runny British Lion egg yolk, you don't want to miss out on this!
Crispy Cauliflower Leaf Wings
Cauliflower leaves are as delicious as florets, and here is a glorious way to eat them. In the crispiest batter, with two out-of-this-world sauces. Addictive.