Mob's Favourite Japanese-Inspired Recipes

From rich and umami butternut miso ramen to crispy pork tonkatsu, these are our favourite dishes inspired by the flavours of Japanese cuisine.
Spicy Chicken Katsu
Cook: 45 mins
This Katsu sauce cannot be beaten. Sweet and spicy. The carrot & ginger are absolutely key. Poured all over your perfectly crunchy chicken. Heavenly.
Teriyaki Salmon
The softest, break away salmon on a bed of fluffy rice. The combination of the Sriracha mayo and the sticky teriyaki is out of this world.
Pork Chop Super Ramen
A really easy "do it at home" ramen. Star anise is key here, really brings the fragrance.
Sticky Mushroom Udon Stir-Fry
Ridiculously satisfying vegan noodles - so rich and moreish. A great weeknight option.
Mob's Pork Tonkatsu
Cook: 40 mins
The ultimate fakeaway. Crunchy pork. Tangy sauce (so easy to make). Zingy slaw. Ticks all the boxes.
Roasted Butternut Ramen-ish
Cook: 1 hr
We spent a long time perfecting this broth. It is so savoury and rich. Topped with the charred veggies and a perfectly jammy egg.
Wagamama's Crispy Squid
The iconic Wagamama starter. Crispy fried squid, with a spicy dusting and brought to life with a zinger of a vinegar sauce. One to share with your MOB.
Crunchy Tofu Katsu
Tofu is a great swap here to keep this dish vegan. The katsu sauce is sublime.
Crispy Sesame Beef Noodle Bowls
Cook: 35 mins
Looking for a spicy and more-ish dish? These banging ramen-inspired bowls are packed with crispy beef and deliciously chewy noodles. Check it out.
Sticky Teriyaki Garlic Chicken
Cook: 35 mins
The garlic and the butter really bring this teriyaki sauce to the next level. Sticky and rich, it's a belter MOB.
Miso Grilled Cabbage
Charred cabbage drizzled with an incredible creamy tahini miso dressing. Soft + crisp. The perfect side to any dish.
Mob's Chicken Katsu Burger
The crunchy breaded chicken. The delicious katsu mayo. The zingy slaw. All shoved inside a toasted brioche bun. Go on...
Tantanmen Ramen
Here's our vegan take on a Japanese interpretation of Dan Dan Noodles. The spicy, creamy, nutty broth is everything.