Mob's Favourite Aubergine Recipes

Aubergine is a versatile veg that can add some substance to a curry or salad as well be a dish on its own. Who can say no to an aubergine parmigiana? Not me.
Aubergine Parmigiana Orzo
Imagine aubergine parm and a silky bowl of pasta had a baby. This is she. Tomatoey orzotto topped with crispy basil crumbs. Incredible.
Harissa Aubergine Pilaf
Tender aubergine embedded in fragrant and spicy harissa-spiked Tilda Basmati and Wild Rice. Top with cooling lemony yoghurt, crispy onions and toasted almonds.
Aubergine Tikka Masala
Cook: 1 hr
Aubergine gets lovely and smokey on the griddle pan and so works an absolute charm in this dish. A great veggie version of the classic.
Coconut Chilli Aubergines
An absolute monster of a vegan dish. Make sure you add a bit more yoghurt over the top for that extra fresh hit.
Aubergine and Ricotta Pasta⁠
Cook: 1 hr
Charred aubergine, garlicky, basilly tomato and light, creamy ricotta. All coming together to make one of the all time great summer pastas.
Peanut Butter Aubergine Curry
Creamy, peanut buttery curry. Freshened with lime and coriander. Done in 30 minutes. Get it MOB.
Mob's Tahini Stuffed Smoky Aubergine
Cook: 1 hr
This soft aubergine is topped with a garlicky creamy tahini dressing, crunchy chickpeas, and fresh pomegranate seeds. It's healthy and ridiculously good.
Spicy Aubergine and 'Nduja Rigatoni
Cook: 20 mins
A spicy, zingy pasta that makes the most of summer aubergines.
Aubergine and Tomato Traybake Curry
A beautiful, mild curry that involves minimal cooking time and maximum flavour. Packed with coconut milk, spices and all the veg.
Sticky Aubergine Sesame Rice Bowl
This is another lockdown dish I have been loving. It's the Holy Trinity of sticky, sweet and spicy. Give it a go MOB, you won't regret it. Ben x
Roasted Aubergine, Tomato and Mozzarella Salad
All the best bits of an aubergine parm in a fresh vibrant salad. Crunchy ciabatta croutons and jammy tomatoes, perfect for the summer.
Burnt Aubergine with Red Pepper Salsa
Cook: 40 mins
Completely vegan with deliciously sharp flavours. It's an incredible one, MOB.
Creamy Rose Harissa Spaghetti
Why more people are not coating their spaghetti in spicy harissa paste, tonnes of herbs and creamy mascarpone we do not know. So flavoursome. So saucy.
Amatriciana N'Casciata
A delicious, rich pasta dish. Covered in a layer of charred grilled aubergines. An Italian classic. Such a showstopper.
Pressed Picnic Sandwich
The ultimate picnic sandwich. Leaving it overnight presses all the layers together. Aubergine. Pesto. Parma Ham. Salami. Mozzarella. An incredible mouthful.
Baba Ganoush Pasta Salad
Check out our baba ganoush recipe to make your own. This is great to use any leftovers. Smokey aubergine, kalamata olives and juicy, sweet pomegranate seeds.
Roasted Aubergine Curry and Pol Roti
Karan Gokani, director of Sri Lankan restaurant group Hoppers, blessed the studio with this truly wonderful and warming dish best accompanied with pol roti.