Mob's Fiercest 'Nduja Recipes

Never cooked with 'nduja before? What are you waiting for?! This fiery paste makes an excellent addition to everything from pasta to baked camembert.
'Nduja Courgettes
Very proud of this one. 'Nduja with charred, grilled courgettes. Keep the courgettes nice and chunky so they keep their bite. A beautiful side dish.
'Nduja & Fennel Pasta
A dish where flavour combination is crucial. Tangy capers. Rich 'nduja. Aniseedy fennel. Coming together to form a mouthful straight from heaven.
'Nduja Scotch Egg
Cook: 30 mins
Mixing the 'nduja through the sausage meat is one of the simplest yet most brilliant food ideas since sliced bread. The crispy shell. The runny egg. Sublime.
'Nduja Spatchcock Chicken
Spicy Italian 'nduja paste takes all the hard work out of a roast. Served with buttery potatoes and garlic mayo, this dish is one of the best.
'Nduja Baked Camembert
Spicy 'nduja and camembert turned molten after their spell in a hot oven. Crisp garlic bread to dunk. There is no better baked camembert than this. Sophie x
'Nduja & Manchego Sausage Rolls
Cook: 55 mins
'Nduja in sausage rolls - why isn't this more of a thing? The most natural partnership in the world. Topped with fennel seeds, these are divine.
Spicy 'Nduja and Burrata Pasta
Cook: 30 mins
Spicy, rich tomato and 'nduja pasta topped with a ball of creamy burrata and a drizzle of crispy garlic and parsley oil. A banging combo.
Chickpea Stew with 'Nduja and Manchego Toast
A rich tomatoey chickpea stew, made with the freshest ingredients. Loads of parsley at the end. Served with crispy 'nduja and manchego toasties.
Spicy Aubergine and 'Nduja Rigatoni
Cook: 20 mins
A spicy, zingy pasta that makes the most of summer aubergines.
Creamy 'Nduja Linguine (Without Cream)
Simple, quick and delicious. A spicy take on a carbonara, you're going to love it.
Cheesy 'Nduja & Celeriac Steaks
Cook: 45 mins
These spicy celeriac steaks make an excellent midweek dinner. The sharp salsa on top really makes it pop.
Lemony 'Nduja and Mascarpone Risotto
The finest risotto imaginable. Spicy, creamy, and light from a touch of lemon juice, this is the silkiest dinner you could ever cook up.