Mob's Easiest Orzo Recipes

Orzo is a lovely little pasta shape that can be thrown in everything from a creamy carbonara to a fresh take on pasta primavera. Here are our best orzo recipes.
Oozy Butternut Orzo
The ooziest orzo about. The Goat's Cheese brings that nice sharp kick to complement the rich roasted butternut. Such a freshy.
Mob's Orzo Carbonara
Cook: 15 mins
Pairing the best pasta with the best sauce, it was always gonna work. An absolute belter of a dish. And it only takes 15 minutes.
Orzo Primavera
Cook: 25 mins
The ultimate summer veggie dinner.
Green Summer Orzo
Cook: 12 mins
A great, light orzo dish for the summer months. The flavours intensify once cold, so great the next day as well.
Prawn and Chorizo Orzo
Surf and Turf with orzo is a match made in heaven. The freshest, basilly, garlicky tomato sauce. Spicy chorizo. Soft prawns. A worldy of a dish.
Pesto-y Summer Orzo
Pestoey orzo with lovely salty bursts of flavour from the capers and the olives. Make sure you use Kalamatas! A great summer dish for the MOB.
Roasted Pepper & Chorizo Orzo
Chorizo, red peppers and basil - coming together to create an absolute worldy of an orzo dish. Great for meal-prep.
Herby Chicken Mushroom Orzo
This creamy one-pot orzo is packed with chicken and mushrooms, finished with fresh herbs and parmesan. An absolute belter of a dish.
Leek Orzo with Chicken Stock
Buttery leeks & silky smooth orzo. Why didn't we pair them before?? It was always gonna work. The fennel seeds bring a lovely aniseedy note.
Creamy Chicken and Tomato Orzo
Cook: 40 mins
The creamiest dish about.
Black Garlic and Feta Orzo
You’ve seen it all over TikTok, and in true MOB-style, we've made our version with orzo and spiked it with black garlic for an extra allium punch.
Aubergine Parmigiana Orzo
Imagine aubergine parm and a silky bowl of pasta had a baby. This is she. Tomatoey orzotto topped with crispy basil crumbs. Incredible.
Sausage Mushroom Orzo
We know you're mad about orzo, sausages, and mushrooms, so that's why we've created a dish that has all three. An easy dinner that's seriously satisfying.
Simple Orzo Minestrone
Minestrone comes in countless different regional variations depending on where you are and who is cooking. Here’s an easy one I make at home. Jordon x
One Pan Tomato Orzo
Incredibly simple vegan orzo dish with rich, beautiful tomatoes. It's an absolute winner.