Mob's Carbonara(ish) Recipes

Okay, no, all of these carbonara recipes aren't super authentic but they are all super delicious. Give them a go if you want to put traditions aside for dinner.
Chorizo Carbonara
This dish just makes sense - chorizo is an epic alternative Guanciale (cured pork cheek - traditional ingredient in Carbonara). Lemon juice lifts at the end.
Chargrilled Asparagus Carbonara
Cook: 25 mins
A tasty twist on the traditional carbonara.
Parma Ham Carbonara
When you fry Parma ham, the flavour completely changes. It is saltier and nuttier; the perfect thing to add to a carbonara.
Lemony Mushroom Carbonara
This twist on a classic carbonara is an absolute delight. We swap out guanciale for mushrooms for an umami hit - they pair amazingly with the lemon and herbs.
Mob's Ultimate Carbonara
Cook: 25 mins
MOB's take on a classic. Absolutely no cream anywhere near this dish. Pepper, smoked bacon, egg yolk, parmesan & pasta water. Stuff dreams are made of.
Mob's Orzo Carbonara
Cook: 15 mins
Pairing the best pasta with the best sauce, it was always gonna work. An absolute belter of a dish. And it only takes 15 minutes.
Anchovy and Caper Carbonara
Cook: 25 mins
A new take on the classic carbonara. We've subbed anchovies in for the bacon and it works an absolute treat. Deeply savoury. The ultimate pescatarian pasta.
Zero Waste Veggie Carbonara
A proper vegetarian carbonara made to help reduce food waste. The thyme and lemon zest bring the zestiest kick that works perfectly with the creamy pasta.
Creamy 'Nduja Linguine (Without Cream)
Simple, quick and delicious. A spicy take on a carbonara, you're going to love it.
Creamy Miso Tahini Udon
A creamy carbonara style-udon in a parmesan, miso, and tahini sauce topped with crispy charred spring onions and mushrooms.