Mob's Best Seasonal Recipes for August

What's in season in August? Plenty. And that 'plenty' includes the likes of tomatoes, sweetcorn, fennel, runner beans, and more. Tuck into August, MOB.
Mexican-Inspired Corn on the Cob
This recipe is inspired by the Mexican street food snack Elote. After eating corn this way - you’ll never look back.
Sweetcorn Lemongrass and Ginger Fritters
Cook: 50 mins
The ultimate sweetcorn fritters. The ginger and the lemon grass make for a perfect combo.
'Nduja & Fennel Pasta
A dish where flavour combination is crucial. Tangy capers. Rich 'nduja. Aniseedy fennel. Coming together to form a mouthful straight from heaven.
Zingy Chicken and Corn Salad
Delicious, smokey, perfectly cooked chicken on a crunchy, zingy, fresh salad. A lovely little lunch.
Four Bean Spiced Stew
This vegan bean stew takes inspiration from the flavours of Moroccan cooking. A one-pot banger to serve up on cold winter nights using Ocado ingredients.
Chicken, Fennel, Tomato & White Beans
We are obsessed with fennel at MOB Kitchen, and it works a charm in this dish. Paired with roasted chicken thighs, cherry tomatoes and cooling yoghurt. Sublime.
Charred Corn, Chorizo and Creamy Blue Cheese Salad
Cook: 40 mins
The perfect salad to go alongside your BBQ.
Miso Salmon Burgers
The charred misoey salmon patties are out of this world. Garlicky, fresh smacked cucumber. All in a charred brioche bun. So, so good.