Mob's Best Rice Recipes

Rice is very nice, and these dishes prove how that simple grain can be simply astounding when cooked right. Pro tip: always wash your rice. Like, always.
Oyinda's Jollof Rice
Oyinda’s easy guide to an absolutely delicious homemade Jollof Rice. Nigerian style. Fresh tomatoes and spicy infused rice. Go on MOB.
Mob's Perfect Rice
Cook: 50 mins
This is the definitive perfect fluffy rice method. Follow it to the letter and you'll never eat stodgy rice again.
Peanut & Coconut Fried Rice
Cook: 25 mins
The fish sauce and the lime are key here - the tanginess cutting through the rich peanutty rice. Top with freshly chopped spring onions. Cheap + delicious.
Alaska Salmon Fried Rice
Cook: 30 mins
Taking your canned salmon to the next level. With the freshest eggy rice, red chillies and a handful of herbs. Drizzled with soy sauce. Delicious.
Toby's Breakfast Fried Rice
Toby, our magical video editor, treated the studio to his breakfast fried rice and mornings haven't been the same since. This recipe is a scorcher.
Harissa Chorizo Prawn Rice
Cook: 45 mins
Chorizo and prawn is a winning combination. Add some spicy harissa and tangy salty feta into the mix and trust us, you’ve got a belter of a dish.
Crispy Egg Fried Rice
A quick, cheap take on this spicy, fragrant Indonesian classic. Works perfectly as breakfast or dinner.
Callaloo and Ackee Fried Rice
Inspired by the flavours of Jamaica - the ackee brings a nutty, creamy, texture & the lemongrass rice blends incredibly with the fresh ingredients.
Butter Curried Rice and Egg
Comfort dish of your dreams. It's all in the buttery, curried rice and crispy egg contrast on top. So easy. So good.
Teriyaki Chicken & Sticky Wasabi Rice
Cook: 25 mins
An absolute worldy of a fakeaway. The sticky wasabi rice complements the rich teriyaki perfectly.
Spiced Pork Belly With Rice
Ginger + allspice come together to make the most delicious sticky pork. Fragrant and deeply savoury. Served on a bed of creamy coconut rice and beans.
Crispy Pork Belly Fried Rice
Cook: 30 mins
Leftover cooked rice is transformed into a glorious meal. Loaded up with Ocado crispy pork belly, spring onions and fish sauce, this is a winner.
Sticky Aubergine Sesame Rice Bowl
This is another lockdown dish I have been loving. It's the Holy Trinity of sticky, sweet and spicy. Give it a go MOB, you won't regret it. Ben x
Golden Soy and Sesame Fried Rice
Cook: 15 mins
Eggy rice topped with freshly chopped spring onions and a handful of sesame seeds. It's an absolute belter.
Mob's Easy Arancini (using leftover Risotto)
Cook: 30 mins
These naughty arancini balls are the best way to use leftover Risotto. End of. The steaming rice. The crunchy shell. The garlicky, basilly tomato sauce. Yum.
Chorizo and Halloumi Jambalaya
All the deep south flavours are packed into this one-pot beauty. We’ve put our spin on it by adding halloumi, and it's glorious. Perfect with fluffy Tilda rice.
Veggie Egg Fried Rice
A belter of a dish. Charred veggies and eggy rice, topped with the crispiest shallots in the land. So easy. So cheap. So delicious.
Chipotle Tofu Rice Bowl
We have slathered the best sticky, smoky sauce on crispy tofu. Charred corn and spiced salsa. Fluffy rice is essential to mop up all those glorious juices.
Pulled Chicken Peri Peri Rice
Nothing more or nothing less than a bowl of fiery goodness. The lovely spiced peri peri rice, the tender chicken. The sweet bursts from the corn. Phenomenal.
Broccoli Salsa Macha Rice
Sophie Godwin brings the MOB her ridiculously tasty broccoli dish. Topped with salsa macha - a nutty Mexican condiment that makes everything taste good. Unreal.
Jollof Rice by Selasi
Cook: 2 hr
Selasi shows us how it’s done: Jollof Rice, the Ghanaian way. Topped with crispy herby chicken thighs and fried plantain. A feast for the MOB.
Roasted Squash and Wild Rice Bowl
This creamy and nutty pistachio sauce is a killer, full of vibrant herbs and silky tofu. With the nutty Tilda Basmati And Wild Rice, it's perfect for lunch.
Chorizo & Chicken Skin Rice by Casa Do Frango
A belter of a side dish. Chorizo, plantain and crispy chicken skin combo an absolute winner. ⁠
Vegan Coconut Stir Fry
Steamy, coconutty rice with delicious charred veggies. Freshened with lime juice. A lovely little dish.
Chicken & Egg Fried Rice
Bulking out the classic dish so it's more of a main meal. The lovely tender chicken is a great addition.