Mob's Best Picnic Recipes

Grab your best gingham blanket and get ready for an al fresco meal to remember with our finest picnic-friendly recipes. Did someone say 'nduja sausage rolls?
Pesto Sausage Rolls
The humble sausage roll. Here is your bible to making the best little munchies around. With a pestoey twist on a classic, it's the ultimate crowd-pleaser.
Pressed Picnic Sandwich
The ultimate picnic sandwich. Leaving it overnight presses all the layers together. Aubergine. Pesto. Parma Ham. Salami. Mozzarella. An incredible mouthful.
'Nduja & Manchego Sausage Rolls
Cook: 55 mins
'Nduja in sausage rolls - why isn't this more of a thing? The most natural partnership in the world. Topped with fennel seeds, these are divine.
Raspberry, Chocolate and Macadamia Flapjacks
Chewy, chocolatey and full of fresh raspberries. Liam Charles shows the MOB how to make these incredible flapjacks.
Plant-Based Sausage Rolls
It's all about the filling, and this one is perfect. Spiced. Squidgy. Tender. Caramelised on the outside. Everything you want from a sausage roll.
Lemon Drizzle Loaf
You can’t beat a proper lemon loaf cake. Lemony, light and simple. Let the sugar and lemon icing set into that incredible crunchy topping before you eat it.
Cheddar & Chutney Sausage Rolls
Cook: 1 hr
Cheddar & onion chutney work wonders in the sausage roll - keeping the inside really lovely and moist (sorry).
Mob's Courgette Frittata
Cook: 35 mins
A clean, fresh frittata. The basil, lemon and ricotta keep it really light. Lovely little lunch.
Spiced Pea and Potato Rolls
We were inspired by a filling you might traditionally find in a samosa to create this delicious vegetarian sausage roll.
Mob's Mustardy Potato Salad
A great lunch option. The pickled onions, the crispy bacon, the soft new potatoes, the crunchy celery. All coated in the mustardy sauce. Meal-prep sorted.
Dom's Subs Meatball Grinder
Greg Boyce from Dom's Subs shows us how to make this twist on a meatball sub. This sanger is super juicy and perfect to take on a summery picnic.