Mob's Best Mac & Cheese Recipes

Mac & cheese is a staple dish for pretty much everyone. From students to senior citizens, everybody's partial to a bit of pasta baked in a gooey, cheesy sauce.
Chorizo Mac & Cheese
Cook: 30 mins
We've made a lot of Mac and Cheeses, but this one is really special. The spicy smokiness of the chorizo is beautiful.
Bacon Mac & Cheese
Crispy smoked bacon with a Mac was always going to work. With the creamiest cheesy sauce. Topped off with breadcrumbs for that crispy finish. A certified 10/10.
Romesco Mac & Cheese
Cook: 45 mins
We always wondered why romesco and mac & cheese hadn't been combined. The flavours work perfectly together. Tangy, smoky, cheesy, rich. The perfect mouthful.
Kimchi Mac and Cheese
My all-time favourite mac and cheese recipe, filled with tangy kimchi and spicy gochujang. Perfect festival food. Seema x
Mob's Butternut Mac & Cheese
Roasted butternut works unbelievably well in a mac and cheese. The crispy sage & rosemary leaves on top are also out of this world.
Mighty Mushroom Mac & Cheese
Cook: 40 mins
Why haven't we used mushrooms in a mac & cheese before now, we'll never know. Taleggio works a charm here - give it a go when you need something comforting.
Plant-Based Butternut Mac & Cheese
Cook: 1 hr
The ultimate plant-based mac and cheese. The crunchy rosemary and breadcrumb topping is everything.
Mob's French Onion Mac & Cheese
Cook: 2 hr
French onion with mac & cheese. The greatest culinary pairing since PB & J. The crispy golden breadcrumb, caramelised onion and gruyère topping is ridiculous.