Mob's Best Greek-Inspired Recipes

From chicken souvlaki to cauliflower gyros, these are our favourite recipes inspired by the fresh food of Greece. Don't be afraid of getting your hands mezze.
Pesto Steak Gyros
Cook: 45 mins
Make sure you cook the steak medium rare here - you want it to be really tender.
Ultimate Greek Salad with Crouton Twist
A classic greek salad with crunchy croutons - making it more of a main course than a side. Great summer dish.
Chicken Curry Gyros
A bit of a mash up, but these Indian flavours work beautifully in a warm pitta. The cooling salsa over the sizzling chicken. Mmmmmmmmm.
Chicken Souvlaki
Fire up your grill and make these glorious chicken kebabs. Loaded up with lovely fresh Greek flavours and thrown into flatbreads. A summer banger.
Crunchy Herby Halloumi Fries
These halloumi fries have the perfect crispy, herby, sweet honey coat. Paired with a zesty, minty yoghurt dip. The flavours are sublime. A certi crowd-pleaser.
Cauliflower Tikka Gyros
Cook: 40 mins
Chargrilled, spicy cauliflower works perfectly as the main item inside a warm gyros. Cooled by a lovely, minty tzatziki. Scrumptious.
Slow Roast Pork Belly Gyros
Possibly best gyros you'll ever eat. The crunchy crackling. The Za'atar. It's sublime. Absolutely sublime.
Spiced Veggie Gyros
Cook: 50 mins
The spiced roast veggies and the cooling tzatziki come together perfectly to form one of the all time great mouthfuls.
Halloumi Bake
Cook: 35 mins
The quickest and tastiest dish about. You will love this one MOB.
Leftover Turkey and Halloumi Gyros
Cook: 45 mins
Simply adding garlic, chilli and oregano to your leftover turkey transforms it. Make sure you fry it on a high heat for that charring.
Spiced Halloumi Fries
Cook: 30 mins
Aromatic spices and halloumi = the flavour combination of your dreams. Topped with the cooling herby yoghurt. Heavenly.
Healthy Chicken Gyros with Fresh Tzatziki
Cook: 45 mins
Spicy chicken in warm pittas, with a fresh tomato salsa and the perfect cooling tzatziki. What more could you want?