Mob's Best Curry Recipes

Whether you're after a creamy butter chicken or a fragrant dhansak, these cracking curry recipes will have you saying goodbye to dinner time indecision.
Creamy Halloumi Curry
Halloumi in a curry may sound weird but it works an absolute charm. It is salty, meaty and delicious. You have to give it a go.
Mob's Butter Chicken Curry by Mallika Basu
Mallika shows the MOB how to make this classic Punjabi curry, served perfectly over Tilda Pure Basmati rice.
Big Daddy Dhansak
The cardamom really brings the fragrance to this Indian classic. Lentils never tasted so good...
Mob's Chicken Madras
Sack off the takeaway and give Mob's super simple Madras a go. The curry sauce is so fragrant and rich.
Seema's Dhal
Cook: 30 mins
This is my all-time favourite comfort food, especially when I’m missing home. My mum helped me (well I helped her) with this recipe, we hope you love it! Seema
Roasted Root Vegetable Curry
Roasting your veggies for a curry is a game changer. They become all nutty and caramelised. Added to the fragrant curry paste and creamy coconut milk. Whammy.
Mob's Massaman Curry
Cook: 1 hr
We have perfected the ultimate Massaman paste - it is so fragrant and takes this dish to the highest level.
Chicken Bhuna
Sack off the takeaway and do it yourself. This Bhuna is so much fresher and so much cheaper than anything you'll get down the local.
Quick Chicken Tikka Masala
A really quick, easy take on the classic. The key here is to get that chicken nice and charred before it goes in to the curry.
Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry
The most warming cuzza you will ever eat. The softest chickpeas and sweet potatoes in a rich tomatoey, coconutty sauce. Served with a cooling dollop of yoghurt.
Halloumi Peanut Curry
Halloumi works wonders in a curry. It is salty and meaty, and combined with creamy peanut butter and charred veg, it is out of this world.
Lamb Massaman Curry
Our take on the fragrant Thai curry. Packed with melt-in-the-mouth lamb and all the spices, this comforting dish is perfect served over Tilda Jasmine Rice.
Seema's Mum's Chicken Curry
My mum's chicken curry is what I miss most when I’m away from home. It’s iconic in our family and I’m so excited for us to share this recipe with you. Seema x