Mob's Best Burger Recipes

A soft, pillowy bun that's filled with a juicy beef patty or a crispy piece of fried fish? Sounds good to us. Get your chops around these stacked burgers, MOB.
The Ultimate Cheese Burger
The daddy of all burgers. Beef patty, crispy shallots, caramelised onions and an incredible homemade burger sauce. Recipe by MOB Contributor Thomas Straker.
Pulled Pork Burger
The perfect, sticky pulled pork. Sharp pickles. All on a toasted brioche bun. Great dinner-party shout for the MOB.
Peri Peri Halloumi Burgers
The peri peri mayo and the halloumi come together here to form the perfect mouthful. A great veggie burger option.
Mob's Pulled Chicken Burger
The time has come for the best pulled chicken burger around. The soft bun, zingy guac and a soft pulled chicken with a sticky BBQ sauce. It's a thing of beauty.
Gochujang Alaska Pollock Burger
Gochujang originates from Korea - it is a spicy & tangy fermented chilli rice paste. It works a charm in this crispy pollock patty, with a special burger sauce.
Mob's Chicken Katsu Burger
The crunchy breaded chicken. The delicious katsu mayo. The zingy slaw. All shoved inside a toasted brioche bun. Go on...
Mob's Wild Alaska Salmon Burger
Cook: 50 mins
Teriyaki salmon - crispy on the outside. Flakey on the inside. With a delicious, gingery beetroot slaw. A great fish burger for the MOB.
Double Decker Pesto Papi Burgers
Cook: 25 mins
Why spend £40 at a burger joint when you can make 4 delicious pesto burgers (for under a tenner) at home? Combo here works a treat.
Barbecued Fish Burgers
Cook: 2 hr
Change it up with the BBQ fish burgers. Charred & smokey, on top of a toasted brioche bun. Whammy.
Miso Salmon Burgers
The charred misoey salmon patties are out of this world. Garlicky, fresh smacked cucumber. All in a charred brioche bun. So, so good.
Fakeaway Zinger Burger
Our ridiculously crispy chicken burger, delicately spiced and sandwiched between soft brioche buns. Seriously finger-licking good.
Romesco Quorn Burger
A deliciously juicy Quorn and bean burger packaged into a soft brioche bun with tangy romesco sauce and creamy gouda. Perfect for the BBQ.
Homemade Lamb Burgers
Pomegranate seeds + spiced lamb patties = a match made in culinary heaven.
Satay Chicken Burgers
Chargrilled, fragrant chicken with the most luscious satay mayo in a squishy bun. Your new favourite summer barbecue dish.
Tandoori Chicken Burger
You’ve never had chicken packed with so much flavour. Spicy and smoky from a spell on the Weber BBQ. Loaded into buns with all the fresh bits. A BBQ beauty.