Mob's Best Budget Recipes

Still anxiously waiting for payday and regretting all that online shopping you did the other week? These tasty and affordable recipes will suit any budget.
Kidney Bean Curry
Cook: 30 mins
A tomatoey kidney bean curry, with fragrant gingery spices. Using pretty much all store cupboard ingredients. A delicious, cheap dish.
Veggie Egg Fried Rice
A belter of a dish. Charred veggies and eggy rice, topped with the crispiest shallots in the land. So easy. So cheap. So delicious.
Three Quid Spaghetti
A take on the Italian classic, aglio olio. Doesn't really get much better than chilli, parsley and garlic. And it only costs £3. Easy.
Caprese Gnocchi Bake
Cook: 20 mins
All the elements of a caprese salad, in a bake. The fresh cherry tomato sauce is key. Ridiculously cheap. It will become a household regular, guaranteed.
Seema's Crispy Spring Onion Noodles
These noodles are inspired by Shanghai spring onion oil noodles. With only a few ingredients, it's cheap to make and will soon be a staple in your home. Seema x
Peanut & Coconut Fried Rice
Cook: 25 mins
The fish sauce and the lime are key here - the tanginess cutting through the rich peanutty rice. Top with freshly chopped spring onions. Cheap + delicious.
Tomato Curry
Cook: 10 mins
This is the easiest, freshest, quickest curry you will ever make. My mum can make it under 6 minutes - see if you can too. Seema x
Aglio E Olio
Cook: 30 mins
We have perfected the aglio e olio. Lemon is key. Creating an emulsion with the olive oil & the pasta water makes the most delicious pasta you'll ever eat.