Mob's Best Breakfast Recipes

Looking to make a change from your morning bowl of cereal? From breakfast fried rice to French toast, here's a few breakfast and brunch recipes to inspire you.
Spicy Breakfast Burrito
The perfect start to your day, all packed up in a tight burrito. Filled with crispy chorizo, spicy salsa, cheese, avocado and soft fluffy eggs.
Halloumi Breakfast Sandwich
Cook: 30 mins
The silkiest eggs with chopped chives, golden halloumi & a smokey chipotle and sweet chilli mayo. All in a toasted brioche. An incredible mouthful.
Mob's Breakfast Frittata
Cook: 40 mins
It’s finally happened: A Full English inside a Frittata. You'll get it the moment you take your first bite of this Frankenstein beauty.
Toby's Breakfast Fried Rice
Toby, our magical video editor, treated the studio to his breakfast fried rice and mornings haven't been the same since. This recipe is a scorcher.
Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich by The Fry Up Police
Cook: 25 mins
Founder of The Fry Up Police, Thomas Shiers, presents his Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich. All your favourite fry-up ingredients in a bap with a secret mayo sauce.
Mango, Passionfruit and Coconut Porridge
Cook: 15 mins
A simple, delicious breakfast with a tropical twist.
Eggs & Soldiers MOB Style
An unbeatable breakfast. The bacony asparagus dippers are out of this world.
Cardamom Granola by 26 Grains
Cook: 1 hr
Alex is the master of breakfast, and this is her ultimate granola. Spiced. Crunchy. It is the ultimate little breakfast dish. Great for meal-prep.
Egg Mobmuffin
Cook: 20 mins
The perfect eggy breakfast. The zingy guac makes this dish - the chives are sublime.
Crispy Egg Fried Rice
A quick, cheap take on this spicy, fragrant Indonesian classic. Works perfectly as breakfast or dinner.
Hot Cross Bun French Toast
Cook: 15 mins
The most delicious way of reinvigorating your stale hot cross buns. A very good breakfast or dessert using Ocado ingredients.
Onion Bhajis & Poached Eggs
Switch up your standard brunch with these crispy bhajis - top with poached British Lion eggs for the best breakfast ever.
Leftover Naan Croque Madame
The ultimate breakfast hack to use up leftover naan from your takeaway. Topped with a perfectly runny British Lion egg yolk, you don't want to miss out on this!
The Bacon Mustard Muffin
French’s Classic Yellow mustard muffins with crispy bacon, juicy tomatoes and a perfectly fried egg. Step up your brunch game.
Spicy Croque Madame
Cook: 25 mins
The tastiest little croque you'll ever eat with a special spicy white sauce and grated gruyère. Stepping up your brunch game.
Colcannon Fritters
Using incredible Ocado ingredients, these cheesy potato cakes topped with crispy bacon and poached eggs. We can’t think of a more perfect St. Patrick's brunch.
Mob's Bacon Röstis
Cook: 30 mins
Taking your brunch game to the next level with these crispy, bacon-y röstis. Topped with yoghurt, harissa and spring onions. Mouthful straight from heaven.
Butternut Squash Pancakes
Cook: 40 mins
Great if you've ever got some leftover butternut squash kicking about. Topped with crispy smoked bacon & parmesan, this is the savoury brunch of your dreams.
Fried Eggs with Yoghurt and Za’atar
This super simple breakfast is a bit of a twist on regular fried eggs on toast. The yoghurt is a perfect creamy base for the fragrant fried eggs. Jordon x
Blueberry Pancakes
Cook: 30 mins
Your classic blueberry pancakes. This thick batter is quick to throw together and yields incredibly fluffy pancakes. Drizzle with syrup and you're golden.
Buttermilk-Style Pancakes
Our take on the American classic. We’ve used sour cream and a splash of milk in place of buttermilk as it can sometimes be a pain to track down. Ben x
A total classic, with just 3 ingredients, the way it should be. I like them best served with sugar and lemon.