Mob's Best Bacon Recipes

Bacon can make everything better. In the mood for pasta? Add some bacon. Fancy a breakfast muffin? Add some more bacon. These are our best bacon recipes. Enjoy.
Mob's Bacon Röstis
Cook: 30 mins
Taking your brunch game to the next level with these crispy, bacon-y röstis. Topped with yoghurt, harissa and spring onions. Mouthful straight from heaven.
Bacony Gnocchi Bake
It doesn't get more comforting than this one. Salty smoked bacon, soft gnocchi, fresh basil, sweet tomatoes and delicious melted mozzarella & parmesan. Sublime.
Bacon Mac & Cheese
Crispy smoked bacon with a Mac was always going to work. With the creamiest cheesy sauce. Topped off with breadcrumbs for that crispy finish. A certified 10/10.
Bacony Packet Noodles
Taking your packet noodles to the next level by ditching the flavour sachet that comes with them and creating your own sauce. Bacon and chilli oil. Go on...
Mob's Ultimate Bacon Sarnie
Cook: 20 mins
Our ultimate bacon sarnie has finally arrived, taking this classic to its highest heights. Crispy bacon, buttery fried bread & a sauce combo from heaven.
Cheesy Bacony Potatoes
Herby, cheesy, bacony stuffed potatoes. The most important element of this dish is the tarragon - really brings the edge.
The Bacon Mustard Muffin
French’s Classic Yellow mustard muffins with crispy bacon, juicy tomatoes and a perfectly fried egg. Step up your brunch game.
Sweet Potato & Bacon Traybake
Why have bacon & sweet potato never appeared in the same traybake together? Madness. Paired with charred onions and taleggio, it's a dish straight from heaven.
Leftover Vegetable Flammkuchen
Pile up your leftover veggies onto this simple, crispy German flatbread topped with delicious Ocado smoked streaky bacon. A perfect weekday meal.
Deconstructed BLT Salad
All the elements you love in a BLT in salad form. Crispy bacon. Delicious slices of tomato. Lovely crispy lettuce. Crunchy croutons and goat's cheese. Whammy.
Beer & Bacon Beans
Cook: 35 mins
Taking your baked beans to the highest level. Smokey bacon, red kidney beans, and a bottle a beer. Served on hot buttered sourdough. The perfect hangover cure.