Mob's Banging Barbecue Recipes

Pop another shrimp on the barbie and make the most of the good weather with our best barbecue recipes. Get your grill on, MOB.
Chilli Ginger Barbecued Mackerel
A barbecue dish to impress - make sure you squeeze that lime juice all over the charred fish.
Homemade Lamb Burgers
Pomegranate seeds + spiced lamb patties = a match made in culinary heaven.
The Stickiest Soy Drumsticks
Sticky chicken drumsticks, with a lovely guacamole dip. A great sharing dish for when the MOB are coming over.
Barbecued Summer Salad
Cook: 30 mins
Torn Mozzarella brings this to a higher level. The best shout for the veggie BBQ.
Barbecued Fish Burgers
Cook: 2 hr
Change it up with the BBQ fish burgers. Charred & smokey, on top of a toasted brioche bun. Whammy.
Jerk Chicken by Keshia Sakarah
This classic Jamaican dish is over four hundred years old and a beautiful representation of Caribbean culture. Once barbecued, you get incredible flavours.
The Stickiest Ribs
This marinade has the most delicious fragrant spiciness to it. In order to get the maximum level of stickiness, you have to baste.
Sesame Courgette Ribbon & Chicken Salad
Fresher than fresh Asian courgette ribbon and chicken salad. Leaves the seeds in the chillies to keep it spicy.
Rupert's Barbecued Bananas
Barbecued puddings aren't too common, but this dish is so easy you'll make it over and over again. Just watch the ice cream melt over the banana...
Chicken Skewer Naan Wraps
The spicy, charred chicken inside the warm naan, cooled by the fresh yoghurt dressing. A straight 10/10.
Sticky Mango Paneer Kebabs
Charred paneer makes for the ultimate veggie-friendly barbecue snack. Sticky, spicy, and loaded into fluffy naan with curry yoghurt – need I say more? Sophie x
BBQ Spatchcock Chicken Flatbreads
Don’t be put off by spatchcocking the chicken or making the flatbreads. Both are so simple and it's definitely worth the effort.
BBQ Chilli Cheeseburger
Chilli cheese burgers blow most other burgers out the park. Sweet with Bull’s-Eye Original BBQ Sauce, spicy, cheesy and savoury. All the good stuff.
BBQ Chicken Pitta
Intensely crispy chicken skin in a soft pitta with a lemony slaw, tangy dressing and pickled onions. Get some Ocado ingredients and yourself into the sun.
Tandoori Chicken Burger
You’ve never had chicken packed with so much flavour. Spicy and smoky from a spell on the Weber BBQ. Loaded into buns with all the fresh bits. A BBQ beauty.