Mob's Tasty Chicken Recipes

Chicken gets a bad rep for being a bland meat but it doesn’t have to be. Here's our favourite chicken recipes packed with flavour to shake up your mealtimes.
Chicken Caesar Sandwich
Crispy smokey bacon and delicious, golden, tender rosemary-ey chicken thighs. The freshest Dijon + L&Ps + mayo + Parmesan + cornichon sauce. A straight 10/10.
Sticky Peanut and Sichuan Chicken Wings
Cook: 45 mins
Peanut butter + sichuan peppers = a flavour combo straight from heaven. These wings are sticky & sweet. Ridiculously moreish. Give them a go MOB.
Crispy Lemongrass Chicken
Cook: 45 mins
Lemongrass & chicken is a match made in heaven. So fragrant. The crunchy breadcrumb coating tops it off. We bake, rather than fry, to keep it healthy.
Mob's Chicken Kiev
We spent a long time perfecting our Kiev. And this is it. With a herby tarragon butter. On a bed of bacony mash. It's out of this world.
Brick Chicken
This dish is all in the technique. Flattening the chicken with a brick gives you the most crispy, golden skin, while also keeping the meat perfectly tender.
Hot Chicken Katsu Curry by Wagamama
Steve Mangleshot from Wagamama takes over the MOB studio to bring you students a banging back-to-uni recipe. The hot chicken katsu curry. Get in.
Buttery Pistachio Chicken
Cook: 2 hr
The most tender pistachio & herb butter chicken. The sumac brings the kick. Pairs perfectly with Lime & Coriander Basmati Rice. A great dinner option.