5 Star Burgers In The Heart Of Peckham

Oz Harbourth, the founder of Zephyr Burgers, talks through his classic smash burgers with the MOB.
Oz founder of Zephyr Burgers

In 2018, Oz Harborth founded Zephyr Burgers - an old school burger joint serving a classic smash burger inspired by Southern California. Oz spent a lot of time working in LA and he became obsessed with their food; from the colourful dishes to casual dining spaces and the ultimate smash burger. Oz wanted to bring back the incredible diner burgers he’d been eating back to the UK, so he started Zephyr Burgers. Making the ultimate smash burger with the best ingredients.

In this episode of Street MOB, Oz shows us how to create his bestseller: the classic cheeseburger. First, the beef is smashed onto a grill letting the burger to cook in its own fat creating a crust on the outside. It’s then topped with American cheese and placed on a toasted bun, with their special mayo, chillies, shredded lettuce and pink onions. After that, it gets the Californian half wrap. Not only an unreal burger, but Oz delivers an experience with every burger, to bring total enjoyment to every customer. “When people eat it, it reminds them of the first burger they had”. An absolute winner.

From starting on a street curb, Zephyr quickly moved onto festivals, pub residencies, and Deliveroo pop-ups. With a 5-star review in the evening standard, and listed as one of the hottest diners in Peckham, you can check them out at Peckham Levels on the 5th floor. A burger with the best views in London - you’re gonna love it.

Zephyr food
The Classic Cheeseburger

"When people eat it, it kind of reminds them of the first burger they had"

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