MOB's Top Quick Dinner Recipes

Sometimes you don’t have time to stand over the hob for an hour getting dinner ready. Here's our round up of the best quick dinner recipes.
These quick meals don't substitute on flavour. Check them out MOB.

Casarecce Con Salsicca

The rich, tomatoey, sausagey sauce is taken to new levels with the addition of fennel seeds. You can get it on the table in 20 minutes. A simple but sublime pasta dish.

Casarecce website 1
This dish was a favourite at Ben's Dad's Italian restaurant, Cibo.

Yasai Yaki Soba

Nothing screams quick dinner like a stir fry, so here are our favourite vegan noodz brought to us by our friends at Wagamama.

Vegan bowl 5
We all wish we could have those Wagamama flavours at home. Your prayers have been answered.

Crispy Ginger Sesame Beef

We couldn’t resist throwing in another stir fry number. This time, crispy sticky beef is tossed together with bright and crunchy broccoli in a ginger-y sauce.

9 K8 A1950
The stickiest crispy beef stir fried with crunchy charred broccoli.

Anchovy and Caper Carbonara

Carbonara is one of the quickest dinners out there, and this guy is one of our favourite twists. We’ve subbed out bacon for umami-packed anchovies and capers, and it absolutely bangs.

9 K8 A4507 website 1
We've subbed anchovies in for the bacon and it works an absolute treat. Deeply savoury.

Kisir Style Cous Cous

This is one of the quickest and easiest meals in existence. Toast your nuts and fry up your halloumi whilst your couscous cooks for a speedy and delicious dinner.

This fresh little couscous salad topped with salty fried halloumi is perfect for meal prep.

Asparagus And Pea Minestrone Soup

This is our fresh, green version of the classic minestrone. We pack it with tinned beans and veg for maximum health and speed.

Pea and Minestrone Soup website
Packed full of veggie, nuts and beans. One of the healthiest spoonfuls you'll ever have.

Chickpea Puttanesca

Puttanesca sauce is not just good for pasta, it also goes beautifully with a tinned bean. We’ve tossed this caper, anchovy and chunky kalamata olive sauce with chickpeas and it is very delicious indeed.

Chickpea putta
A chickpea twist on a classic dish - the mighty puttanesca.

Fish And Celeriac Stew

This dinner feels far too fancy to whip up in 30 minutes, but it can be done! Make sure you get good caramelisation on that celeriac for the best results. With the flakey cod, in the rich tomatoey stew, it's a dream.

Fish stew brighter 1
Don't worry about adding raw cod chunks - they will cook perfectly within the stew.

Chickpea Curry

This creamy chickpea number is flavoured with scotch bonnet and fenugreek. Cook it up in 30 minutes and serve it with roti. The best.

9 K8 A0266
For a milder curry remove the seeds from the scotch bonnet. We won't judge.

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