MOB's Top 10 Winter Warmer Recipes

Our top 10 winter warmer recipes to get you through the colder months. We've got a creamy risotto, an unreal chicken pie and a halloumi curry.
3 winter warmer recipes
This list has everything from pies to curries to sausage rolls. Food to warm the soul.

Leek And Pancetta Risotto

Risottos are a staple of any winter warmer recipe list. Silky leeks and crispy, savoury pancetta are the only flavours you need in this creamy one. Top tip for this recipe: never put oil into the pan when you're frying pancetta as it releases its own fat.

Leek and pancetta
It's nearly November and if you haven't had a risotto already, you're a fool.

The Almighty MOB Chicken Pie

The tarragon in this pie makes it an absolute winner. Serve it up with a big dollop of English mustard. You will not regret it. A hearty pie is the perfect warming food for those cold winter nights.

Z49 A8828 2
The tarragon in this pie take it up a level. If you haven't tried it, you must. Simple as that.

The Ultimate Lasagna

In our lasagna, we tenderise our ragu with milk and simmer it over a low heat for a couple of hours for the best results. Use the deepest dish you have to get the most layers possible.

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A lasagna is comfort food at its finest. Fact.

‘Nduja And Manchego Sausage Rolls

No snack says winter warmer quite like a sausage roll. Adding spicy ‘nduja and gooey manchego cheese to the mix elevates the humble pastry to new planes.

9 K8 A1689
These sausage rolls are dangerously easy to make.

Chorizo Mac And Cheese

Even mac and cheese purists won’t be able to resist this winter warmer. The spicy smokiness of the chorizo is just beautiful. It's an ingredient we love at MOB and one that just improves every meal.

Z49 A9832 3 1
This twist on a cult classic is just delicious.

Jollof Rice

Selasi Gbormittah came to the studio to make us a banging plate of jollof rice topped with crispy, herby chicken and plantain, and made it one of our favourite comfort foods of all. It's perfect for the winter months.

Just take a look at that incredible crispy chicken. Give it a go MOB.

Creamy Halloumi Curry

We know it’s not conventional, but we think halloumi in a curry works an absolute charm. The salty, fattiness goes so well in a spicy sauce. Make sure you brown off the halloumi before adding the spices. Give it a go MOB. It's a beautiful winter warmer dish.

Z49 A3641
The halloumi is salty, fatty and has a meaty texture meaning it works perfectly in a curry.

Broccoli And Saint Agur Soup

No winter warmer collection would be complete without a soup and this one is an undisputed classic. We bring you a double cheese situation - to add a creamy goodness to our soup and melted on croutons for a savoury hit.

Z49 A2868 2 1
The double whammy of cheese in this soup makes it unbeatable.

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Our take on the fragrant Thai green curry will blow you away. Curries are one of the great comfort foods and this one is a classic. You can add more or less chillis depending on how spicy you like it.

Feel free to turn up the spice. This is simply an amazing curry.

Chickpea Stew With ‘Nduja And Manchego Toast

We took the humble chickpea and transformed it into a rich, hearty stew full of fresh ingredients. We love serving it with spicy, cheesy toast to get a bit of crunch in there.

Stews are the perfect winter warmers. This chickpea one is rich and hearty.

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