MOB's Top 10 Pasta Recipes

Here's a list of our most popular pasta dishes, containing everything from the ultimate carbonara to the perfect aglio e olio.
three different pasta recipes
Here's our top 10 pasta dishes we created for the MOB. Check 'em out.

The weather is getting a little wetter and the winter nights are drawing in, making this our favourite time of year to go to town on cooking comfort food. There isn’t a food group more comforting than pasta, so we have compiled a list of our all-time favourites for you to choose from.

Charred Spring Onion and Chorizo Rigatoni

We are massive fans of chorizo, and what better way to elevate it than to combine it with charred spring onions and almonds in an unbelievable pasta sauce. This dish is big. Check it out here.

chorizo rigatoni pasta recipe
Rigatoni is the perfect pasta shape for this dish. It collects all the beautiful sauce within.

The Ultimate Carbonara

Everybody needs a classic carbonara recipe under their belt, and this one is a belter. Leave the cream in the fridge, it has absolutely no place here. Pepper, smoked bacon, egg yolk, parmesan & pasta water. The stuff dreams are made of. Give it a go MOB.

pasta carbonara in a pan
There's no way our carbonara was missing this list. It's timeless. It's delicious. If you haven't tried it yet, then we have nothing to say to you.

Roast Garlic Linguine

This recipe is one of our most popular of all time, and with good reason. Roasted garlic mixed with pasta water and parmesan makes the sexiest the sauce to coat your linguine. You will make this one time and time again. Find the full recipe here.

Garlic linguine 200401 154254
Pasta water is key in this one. It will make this the silkiest sauce imagineable.

MOB Kitchen's Lasagne

We’ve uncovered the secret to making you the most tender and rich ragu, making this lasagne the best you’ve ever had. Layer it with a parmesan-spiked bechamel and lasagne sheets for the ultimate comfort food dish. Check it out MOB.

9 K8 A6033 2
We think we've perfected the lasagne. Give it a go and let us know what you think.

Casarrece Con Salsicca

This recipe is great because you barely have to chop anything, so after 20 minutes of easy-breezy stirring you can serve up a saucy bowl of spicy sausage pasta, which is the best type of pasta in our opinion. This dish was a favourite at Ben's Dad's Italian restaurant, Cibo, and it’s a favourite with us too.

Casarecce website 1
It's important to get the sausage bits nice and crispy with this one.

Garlicky Cavolo Nero and Caper Spaghetti

Dark leafy greens and pasta coming together perfectly here. Spaghetti loaded up with capers and parmesan, this simple dish is one of the finest in the land, and a really good way to get some vitamins in you alongside your pasta. Here's the recipe.

Image from i OS 21
This one might seem left-field but we can assure you it's a classic. The cavolo nero and the capers work so well together.

Chorizo Mac and Cheese

If you want to elevate your mac and cheese game, adding smoky and spicy chorizo is the way. Even mac and cheese purists won’t be able to turn this one down. Full recipe here.

Z49 A9832 3
We all love a mac and cheese. If you haven't whacked some chorizo in before, your life is going to change.

Zero Waste Veggie Carbonara

We know we have put two carbonaras on this list but that’s because carbonara is great, and we want to serve you up a second one which caters to our vegetarians and gives you good hints and tricks about how to reduce your food waste. Introducing: our sustainable carbonara.

9 K8 A7710
A carbonara with a sustainable twist. This is perfect for the Green MOB.

Aglio e Olio

Five ingredients is all you need for a ridiculously good bowl of pasta. This one is all in the technique so follow it closely. This dish is a certified crowd pleaser.

9 K8 A1866 website
This is pasta in its simplest and most delicious form. 5 ingredients is all you need to impress.

Pasta with Salsa Cruda

The freshest pasta dish you can possibly imagine - so fresh that it is pretty much a salad. There is hardly any cooking involved. Perfect for meal-prep. Find the full recipe here.

9 K8 A4805 1 1
Stripping it back to the simple Italian flavours of basil, mozzarella and tomatoes. What more could you want?

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