Bow Down To The Ultimate Bao Bun By Mr. Bao

Frank Yeung, the owner of Mr. Bao and Daddy Bao, makes Bao Diddley for the MOB.
Frank Yeung is the found and owner of Mr. Bao.
Frank Yeung is the found and owner of Mr. Bao.

The Culinary Maestro Frank Yeung came to the studio to share his best selling bao bun with the MOB. Frank has always been around food. He grew up in the flat above his parents’ restaurant where he also worked alongside his dad.

Today, Frank owns Mr. Bao, Daddy Bao, and Master Bao in Peckham, Tooting and Westfield respectively. All three restaurants make incredible bao buns that are absolute winners for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Frank showed off their best selling bun: the bao diddley. A delicious combination of crispy chicken, wasabi mayo, kimchi and a little spice from sriracha. Frank isn’t a huge fan of kimchi, but he made a bet with one of his chefs that she couldn’t make him a bao bun with kimchi that he would like. He lost the bet and the bao diddley was born.

The chicken is marinated and massaged to make it tender and tasty, before being fried to give it a crunch. The wasabi mayo is made by mixing wasabi and Asian mayo. Asian mayo is like a traditional mayo, but it has rice vinegar instead of distilled. The chicken and mayo are piled into the soft bao bun alongside the kimchi, sriracha and a couple of sizzled spring onions. Unreal.

Treat yourselves to this delicious bao that’s the perfect combination of flavours and textures. You’re gonna love it MOB.

Frank’s Top Tip:

When you’re making baos be sure to have everything ready to plate up. You don’t want your buns to get cold before you eat them, so heat up the plate, have everything ready to go, whack it together and enjoy.

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