14 of The Best Cheese Subscriptions

Want to get a box of artisan and farmhouse cheeses delivered to your door every month? You’ll have a very gouda time with these delicious cheese subscriptions.
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You remember that episode of Wallace and Gromit where they go and have a jolly on the moon because it’s made out of cheese? Well, I don't just remember that 24 minutes of children's entertainment: I simply cannot forget about it. I’d say I think about Wallace spreading a stalagmite of moon on a cracker at least twice a week. I genuinely went through a phase of wanting to become an astronaut when I was younger because of the impact that ‘A Grand Day Out’ had on my psyche and I only gave up on my dreams of being the next Neil Armstrong once I learnt that the moon’s cratered surface wasn’t actually made of Cathedral City. Anyways, the long and short of it is that I love cheese. Which means I really love the idea of having a specially-curated box of cheese dropped with a fromage thud on my doorstep every month.

Thankfully, a lot of great minds think alike and some of the best cheesemongers in the UK are letting people like me (and you) get access to some of the finest artisan cheeses on the market with some top-notch cheese subscription boxes. Signing up to a cheese subscription – which saves you from the hassle of being overwhelmed by the range of dairy products available at your local cheese counter – is like signing up to have a personal Christmas delivered to you every month. A Christmas where the stockings are cheese, the presents are cheese, and the Christmas dinner is also cheese. Basically what I’m saying is that these boxes are a bloody good idea and you’d be a fool not to sign up to one of these cheese subscriptions.

Stock up on the crackers and prepare to get your gobs around these cheese hampers. It turns out that it’s actually very easy being cheesy.

Paxton & Whitfield – Paxton’s Cheese Club

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If you’re the sort of person who enjoys the company of good cheese but also wants to learn more about them and ask them what their upbringing was like or what they do for a living, then Paxton’s Cheese Club is the perfect subscription for you. Join the club and you’ll receive four carefully-selected kinds of cheese, all in peak condition with the season in mind, delivered to your door every month along with in-depth info about those golden wedges of goodness. You can choose between a three-month (bronze), six-month (silver) or twelve-month (gold) subscription with the three-month option priced at a reasonable £120. This is our kind of members’ club, MOB.

Rennet & Rind – British Cheese Subscription Box

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Rennet & Rind is an award-winning cheesemonger based in Cambridge that have been sourcing and maturing outstanding artisan cheese for more than 30 years and supporting British Farmhouse Cheesemakers while they do it. This monthly subscription box (which comes in at a thrifty £32 per box) consists of five specialist artisan cheeses that have all been lovingly aged in Rennet & Rind’s very own maturation room. Each cheese is personally selected by R&R’s resident ‘cheese guy’, Perry James Wakeman so you can trust that your dairy consumption will be in safe hands. If you're looking for one of the best cheese subscriptions about, this is it.

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The Cheese Society – Monthly Cheese Club

The Cheese Society’s monthly cheese club is a fine option for cluing yourself up on everyone’s favourite dairy product and sampling a range of unusual farmhouse and artisan cheeses that you might not have tried before. Whether it’s a buttery wedge of Montmélian or a salty slab of organic blue cheese from the bucolic pastures of Wales, you can always expect some interesting flavoured and textured cheeses in your monthly delivery from these lot. Each delivery contains five cuts of seasonally-relevant cheeses from the UK and the continent, hand-cut to 200g and carefully selected by The Cheese Society’s cheese expert, Kate O’Meara. Everything in the box is packed by hand and even comes with some handy tasting notes. Prices start at £38 for a one-off monthly cheese box with a year’s worth of cheese coming in at £408.

The Cheeseworks – Monthly Cheese Selection

Cheltenham’s Cheeseworks have been in the cheese trade for over 30 years, working with some of the very finest local, national, and European cheese suppliers. For £85, you can get yourself a three-month subscription to Cheeseworks and receive a selection of four banging cheeses (that’s approximately 600g in total) delivered to you on the third Thursday of the month. What a way to make a Thursday special, eh? Each selection comes packed with heaps of variety and tasting notes that are detailed enough to help you decipher the subtler notes of each cheese. It’s the ideal gift for the cheese lover in your life. And, yes, that cheese lover can just be yourself.

The Courtyard Dairy – Monthly Cheese Club

Courtyard Dairy

I think clubs are cool. I think cheese is cool. Which means I think that cheese clubs are very, very cool. The Courtyard Dairy do a range of different monthly cheese clubs which are perfect for anyone that wants to get their mitts (and mouths) on some of the best artisan cheeses knocking about Britain. Each monthly cheese selection arrives accompanied by tasting notes, an informative cheese feature on the cheese producers, and some lovely crackers, too. A rolling three-cheese monthly subscription costs just £28 while the heftier five-cheese subscription comes in at £45 every month. Both are good value for money and you’ve even got the option to customise your order so that, if you’re not a big blue person, for example, it won't come with any of that specific type of cheese. Which is a nice touch.

Pong Cheese – The Cheese Club

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How does getting some amazing hand-picked cheeses every single month of the year sound to you? Because it sounds pretty dreamy to me. Signing up to Pong Cheese’s exclusive Cheese Club means you can get a monthly box of fromage that’s been specially designed to give you a variety of seasonal flavour combinations, so you can experience the best of our cheeses from the UK and beyond. Prices start from £22 per month and each box will typically contain four cheeses that come in at around 50g to 200g each. There’s also a ‘Premium’ option where you can get one extra special cheese added to your regular box for an additional £7. Worth it.

The Cheese Geek – Rolling Subscription

Cheese Geek

Always wanted to find out just how geeky the world of cheese can get but never been sure where to begin? Well, my cheesy companion, this rolling subscription from The Cheese Geek is the cheese subscription you’ve been waiting for. Each box you receive (either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly – that’s up to you) will include four or five of the finest cheeses known to man. Clocking in at around 600g, each box should be enough for up to eight sittings. Probably. Maybe. It depends how much you enjoy the cheese, really. For £30 a box, you’re unlikely to find a better value for money considering the quality on offer. Each cheese is handpicked at the best stage of its life and thrown to you with tasting notes, pairing tips, and even a nifty little scorecard so you can rate each cheese and keep track of your favourites. Sounds un-brie-lievable to us.

Cheese Etc – Monthly Cheese Subscription

If you like the idea of a box of cheese arriving outside your flat once a month then, well, you’re probably reading the right article, aren’t you? You’ll probably also really like the cheese club that Cheese Etc has got going on. For just £25 a month, the cheese heads at this Pangbourne cheese shop will select three or four of their very best cheeses and send them to you along with some toothsome tasting notes for you to peruse while you scarf that dairy goodness down. All you have to do is let them know how many months you want to sign up for and they’ll do the rest. If you feel like you want to go even deeper into the Reblochon rabbit hole, Cheese Etc also do a £40 box that includes all those top cheeses along with essential accompaniments like crackers and chutney.

The Cheese Shed – Culture Subscription

Called the ‘culture’ subscription because that’s what you’ll attain once you sign up for it, this customisable cheese subscription service from The Cheese Shed is a super simple way of expanding your cheesy horizons. You can choose to get three, four, five, or even six cheeses (weighing around 200g each) delivered to your doorstep for as many months as you’d like with prices starting from £24.99 for a three-cheese box. You can even specify 'no goat', 'no blue', 'vegetarian', or 'pregnancy-friendly' cheeses if you’re particularly passionate (or dispassionate) about certain cheeses. Or – y’know – pregnant. Sweet dreams are made of cheese, indeed.

Neal’s Yard Dairy – The Neal's Yard Dairy Subscription

The Neal's Yard Dairy Subscription brings you a selection of three surprise cheeses and meticulously crafted tasting notes each month for £28.50. Every cheese (which might include anything from a much sought after hard ewe’s milk variety to a surprisingly sweet and gentle Stilton) is matured and hand-selected by the Neal’s team in Bermondsey and delivered to your door in environmentally-friendly insulated packaging. Lovely.

The Fine Cheese Co. – Monthly Cheese Subsrciption

Jason Lowe jasonlowe eu
Photography: Jason Lowe – jasonlowe.eu

The fromage-y folks at The Fine Cheese Co. describe their monthly cheese subscription service as “a delicious voyage of discovery into the world of artisan cheese,” and I think that sounds like the loveliest kind of voyage imaginable. Every month, The Fine Cheese Co. hand-select three cheeses (from seasonal favourites to those that they’ve ripened to perfection) for you to slice, scoff, and enjoy. Every delivery is jam-packed with roughly 600g of freshly cut cheeses (enough for six to eight people or an army of mice) plus a pack of The Fine Cheese Co.’s very own crackers. A three-month subscription costs £108.

Table @ Vallebona – The Cheese Connoiseur Club

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This cheese subscription from Vallebona is one for the passionate Italian cheese lovers. This isn’t for the Babybel and cheese string brigade, MOB. Vallebona has been sourcing unique, artisan cheeses from small family producers throughout Italy since 1890 and this is your best chance to get a taste of that brand’s historic connection. All of the cheese in each monthly box is matured to perfect ripeness in Vallebona’s walk-in maturation room and hand-picked by Stefano Vallebona himself. Along with those top Italian cheeses (think Pecorino dotted with white and black truffles from Umbria or a rich and luscious Robiola Three Latti from Piedmont) you’ll get in-depth tasting notes, a high-end condiment, a bit of written history about the producers, and even a wine-pairing recommendation or two. A three-month subscription costs £160.

Partisan Deli – Cheese Club

This fantastic little cheesemonger and delicatessen in Guildford is independently run and focusses on sourcing as locally as possible to ply people like you with the very best cheeses, charcuterie and breads. You should secure yourself a taste of what makes Partisan Deli so special by signing up to their cheese club. Each small monthly cheese box includes three specially selected cheeses for as little as £23.99 with each large monthly cheese box (containing five cheeses) coming in at £29.99. Both are great ways to support an independent business while also supporting your own goats’ cheese addiction.

Welsh Cheese Company – Clwb Caws

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A subscription to Clwb Caws is the perfect way to ensure you have a regular supply of the very best cheese that Wales has to offer. The Welsh Cheese Company work closely with fifteen of the best artisan cheesemakers in Wales and this is the simplest (and most delicious) way to see what excellent produce those producers are churning out. Every month, the WCC will hand-pick three or four of their favourite cheeses and post them out so that they come to you on the second Wednesday of the month with their tasting notes in tow. The cheeses they select are always varied, well-balanced, and tend to weigh around 600g in total. The three-month subscription costs £69. Nice. Or, as the Welsh say: “Braf”.

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